Wellness Self-Coaching: Evolve

After you’ve given yourself time to work on your goal, and you’re ready to check-in, reflect back on your experiment.

Acknowledge what worked, what challenges you overcame, and what helped you along the way. Understanding what contributed to your success, as well as times you weren’t successful, provides valuable information for future experiments. While self-judgment might seem helpful, it can prevent you from crafting potential solutions. Check out these possible solutions to common self-coaching obstacles.


Where to next?

You can apply the wellness self-coaching process to any goal, or practice the individual aspects you find most useful.

If you’re happy with the changes you’ve made, consider periodic self-check-ins for your new habits. If you’re ready for a new experiment and need ideas, refer back to the wellness self-coaching exploration worksheet for inspiration.

The wellness self-coaching site and the UHS health coaches are available to help you achieve your ongoing health and wellness goals. University Health Services offers free and confidential 45-minute health coaching appointments in areas such as stress management, sexuality and nutrition.