Prevention, Education, Outreach

Outreach is about connecting with the campus community to increase college mental health through awareness, education, and stigma reduction.

We actively engage students, faculty, staff and parents in creating a healthy campus environment and preventing mental health problems. We also do all we can to connect with students who do not utilize tradition counseling.

Online Trainings

Suicide Awareness training

This training, an introductory overview, will help you understand the warning signs and risk factors associated with thoughts of suicide. You will learn ways to approach and talk to a student about your concerns, including how to ask a question about suicide. Lastly, you will learn the resources and how to make appropriate referrals....

Mental Health Handbook for faculty, staff and GSIs

Mental Health Handbook A comprehensive resource to assist faculty, staff and GSIs.

Mental Health Handbook A booklet on overall student mental health in UC system

Mental Health Handbook: A booklet on overall student mental health in UC system...


There are many resources to help your emotional wellness that include on-campus, off-campus, online and community-specific resources. Not sure where to get started? Check-out the resources in each of the sections below.



TAO (free) is available to all students and offers an online library of interactive programs to help you learn life skills and tools to manage challenges such as stress and anxiety, imposter syndrome, and grief.

Wellness resources at Berkeley recalibrate

UCB Student Well-Being Portal...

Let's Talk: Offsite, Walk-in Consultations

The Let's Talk program provides easy access to informal, brief, drop-in consultations with CAPS counselors. Please note: Let's Talk consultations are not formal therapy sessions and do not constitute mental health treatment, and we are not able to assist with DSP and other documentation support during Let's Talk. You will need to schedule an individual counseling appointment for supporting documentation.

Let's Talk is a free, confidential program available to any student at various locations across campus. No...

Post-MSW Fellowship in Clinical Social Work

Post-MSW Fellowship in Clinical Social Work

Thank you for your interest in our post-MSW fellowship in clinical social work in Counseling and Psychological Services and Social Services at University Health Services at UC Berkeley!

Our program is a postgraduate training program committed to providing comprehensive clinical experience and professional development opportunities in the field of college mental health. The program aims to meet the needs of pre-licensed postgraduate clinical social workers who have a Master of...

Frequently Asked Questions

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