Former Trainees

Postdoctoral Fellows

Derrick Bines, University of Oregon
Elizabeth Chaney, The University of San Francisco
Xiao He, Texas A&M University
Helen Youngju Kim, New Mexico State University
Elizabeth Kusin, The Wright Institute 2018-2019
Bianca Barrios, Washington State University
Nadia Damani-Khoja, University of Houston
Emily Limas, Indiana University
Louie Limas, Indiana Univerisity 2017-2018
Germán Cadenas, Arizona State University
Antonio Cantu, The Wright...

Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology

Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology

Internship Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data:

We are very excited that you are interested in our APA-accredited doctoral internship (program #111511).

We hope that our website will give you easy access to information about our program, including our training goals, mission, and philosophy. In addition, we hope that you will get a good sense of the staff and atmosphere at Counseling and Psychological Services and the University Health Services at UC Berkeley. Our staff is committed to providingexcellent...


The Career Counseling Library provides comprehensive counseling services to help you select a major and make career decisions.

Let's Talk: Offsite, Walk-in Consultations

The Let's Talk program provides easy access to informal, brief, drop-in consultations with CAPS counselors.

Let's Talk is a free, confidential program available to any student at various locations across campus. No appointment is necessary, there is no paperwork to complete. Visits are first come, first serve and the wait time to see the Let's Talk Counselor is usually very brief. All students are welcome to visit Let's Talk.

Speaking with a counselor in a confidential setting can help you access support, provide perspective, help you explore resources and options and...

Psychiatric Medications and Psychiatry

Medications often can be helpful to students struggling with depression, anxiety and other emotional concerns. We have a strong commitment to helping students understand their difficulties and to offering a range of options. Our psychiatric clinicians (psychiatrists and nurse practitioners) can meet with students to determine which medications might be helpful and to recommend a course of treatment.

Students interested in an evaluation for psychiatric medication need first to meet with a counselor in either Counseling & Psychological Services or...

Prevention, Education, Outreach

Outreach is about connecting with the campus community to increase college mental health through awareness, education, and stigma reduction.

We actively engage students, faculty, staff and parents in creating a healthy campus environment and preventing mental health problems. We also do all we can to connect with students who do not utilize tradition counseling.

Outreach to Specific Communities

outreach Outreach is about connecting with the campus community to increase college mental health through awareness, education, and stigma reduction.

All communities can benefit from counseling services, yet each community has unique needs when understanding how to seek mental health care. Below is customized information for key campus communities:

Specific community counseling resources:...