Faculty and Staff Mental Health Training

January 7, 2021

Fall 2021 Schedule 

Suicide Awareness Training

Over the last few years, you may have become acquainted with the Look for the Signs App (for students) and the Mental Health Handbook for faculty, staff, and GSIs to assist you in helping someone in distress. One component of that help is understanding when a student may be in danger of suicide. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) would like to offer you unique training specifically to support students who may be thinking about suicide.

This training, an introductory overview, will use a scenario, lecture, and discussion to help you understand the warning signs and risk factors associated with thoughts of suicide. You will learn ways to approach and talk to a student about your concerns, including how to ask a question about suicide. Lastly, you will learn the resources and how to make appropriate referrals.
Psychological First Aid: Interventions After Critical Events Impacting Campus

Training for faculty and staff Response after critical events impacting campus: from tragedy to socio-political traumas.

When tragic events happen that impact our community, faculty and staff are often called upon to offer support to students. This 1.5-hour course will help you to learn the basic skills necessary to provide common sense support after a tragedy, such as a student death or political trauma. The course will also address CAPS response and how faculty and staff can collaborate with the Tang Center and other campus supports.  This course is being offered as a way to help increase the support the campus provides in the aftermath of a tragedy and help the community begin to heal.