Gold Folder

Faculty and staff are in a unique position to demonstrate care and compassion for students in distress.

The purpose of this folder is to help you recognize potential symptoms of distress and identify appropriate campus resources to refer students to.

Message to Faculty and Staff

When faced with academic and life challenges, students may feel alone, isolated, and even hopeless. These feelings can easily disrupt academic performance and may lead to dysfunctional coping and other serious consequences.

As a result of your frequent and prolonged contact, you may be the first person to notice a student in distress. As fellow members of the UC Berkeley community, it is important that we act with compassion.

Keep in mind that students exhibiting concerning behaviors may be having difficulties in other areas of their lives. Students sometimes feel that they can’t share their struggles with family and friends but may be comfortable doing so with faculty or staff. By expressing concern, you may help save a student’s academic career or even their life.

Trust your instincts. If a student leaves you feeling worried, alarmed, or threatened, consult with someone.

image of first page of gold folder guide.

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