Supporting Campus During and After a Crisis

Support Services During and Following a Crisis or Significant Event

As details about tragedies unfold, you may have a wide range of thoughts, feelings, and reactions and every individual will differ in their responses and support needed. 

Those in marginalized communities and who have experienced past traumas are particularly impacted by the multiple and cumulative impacts, including hate-based violence, institutional oppression, deaths, losses, interpersonal violence, or other assaults, you may be experiencing memories and feelings from those events and have increased symptoms now. 

For very public traumas, even those who have not directly experienced the crisis may be affected.

The well-being of the UC Berkeley community is important to us and we want to remind students and the campus community of the UHS Mental Health support available to them. Please know that there are steps for you to engage in self-care, get support, and cope with these reactions

For students

  • Self-care and other mental health resources
  • Connect with friends and family to support and be there for each other. Look for on-campus events to be in community.
  • UHS Mental Health services can help. If you would like to talk to a counselor, call (510) 642-9494. Appointments can also be made on eTang (same-day, first come-first served basis, scheduled within a 16-hour window).
  • If you need to speak with a counselor urgently when UHS is closed, please call the 24/7 counseling line at (855) 817-5667. 

For faculty and staff

Additional resources: