Whether you are new to learning about mental health, or an expert, we've curated some resources to help our campus community continue to grow our mental health literacy.

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The Career Counseling Library is a unique collection of books, files, directories and electronic resources staffed by a professional staff who will help you explore majors, careers and graduate programs.

View available books.

Not sure where to start? Book a virtual tour with one of our counselors as your guide!

TAO is available to all students and offers an online library of interactive programs to help you learn life skills and tools to manage challenges such as stress and anxiety, imposter syndrome, and grief. 

Review a variety of informational sheets on different mental health topics written by our counselors and psychologists here at UHS.


Here is a collection of Books/ Audio Books that you may find helpful. Most of these authors have presentations on youtube and that is a good place to start.

Explore our staff book and podcast recommendations.

Online Training: Students Supporting Other Students

Students Supporting Other Student Mental Health and Wellness

This training will help you think through how students can support other students on campus, and how you can support each other and get connected to valuable resources. 

Especially helpful if your a student leader.