Physical Therapy Appointments, Logistics, and FAQ

Physical Therapist stretching patient

How to Make an Appointment

Call the front desk at: (510) 642-0607 to schedule an appointment.

You will need a referral from your primary care physician for the particular body region being addressed.


All students are eligible for services, regardless of insurance.

Faculty and staff members are referred through Occupational Health Clinic.

How to Prepare for your Appointment

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your initial evaluation to fill out a survey. Bring shorts, sports bras/tank tops, and/or exercise attire to your appointment. This will allow the injured area of your body to be adequately exposed for evaluation and treatment.


Fees for Physical Therapy services are paid at the Student Health Insurance Program  (SHIP) office on the 3rd floor of Tang Center or will be billed to your Cal Student Central account. Visit our fees page for more details.

Initial Evaluation, approximately 60 minutes:

  • $15 co-pay (SHIP)
  • $200-$300 (non-SHIP)

Treatment Visit, approximately 30 minutes:

  • $15 co-pay (SHIP)
  • $100-225 (non-SHIP)

Using the Health Opportunity Fund to pay for Physical Therapy Fees

The Health Opportunity Fund (HOF) is a set of funds available for use for services and prescriptions at the Tang Center to be used by the following students*:

  • Pell Grant and Dream Aid recipients 
  • Graduate students who have filed a FAFSA for the current year and have Pell Grant equivalent eligibility
  • Actively registered students in the Disabled Students Program (DSP) 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen during the initial evaluation?

Your session will begin with a comprehensive evaluation by a physical therapist consisting of a functional assessment and muscular imbalances. You will then collaborate on a program that gets you back to your prior level of activity and function. 

Do I need a referral from a medical doctor?  

Yes, you will need a referral from your MD for the particular body region being addressed.

What if I don't have SHIP?

Visit the fees page for more details.

How long are sessions?

The initial evaluation will take approximately 1 hour, while the follow-up sessions are 30 minutes. 

Can I be seen for multiple body parts?

Yes, if your initial injury involves multiple injuries, however, we recommend a different evaluation for separate bodily issues.

Do I need a new referral if my current referral has expired?