SHIP Waiver FAQs

Why did I get charged for a "health insurance fee" on my CalCentral statement? I didn't ask for health insurance.

All registered* students at the University of California are required to meet the university’s health insurance mandate as set by the UC Regents. Registered* UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students are automatically enrolled in the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) as a way to meet this mandate. SHIP premiums are charged as part of registration fees.

*Registered students refers to students registered in programs eligible for SHIP. See the SHIP Fees and Enrollment for more details on who is eligible to enroll in SHIP.

What do I do if I already have health insurance and I don't need the insurance offered by UC Berkeley?

If you have other major medical health insurance that meet the SHIP waiver criteria and don't wish to have dual coverage, you can submit an online waiver application to waive your enrollment in SHIP and receive a credit for the health insurance fee.

What are the requirements for waiving out of SHIP?

In order to waive SHIP, you must be enrolled in a medical health insurance plan that meets ALL of the waiver criteria for the entire SHIP term (For 2020-21: Fall Aug 1-Dec 31, Spring Jan 1-July 31).

How do I apply for a waiver?

An online waiver application is available for Berkeley students. To complete the form, you will need your student ID number and details about your health insurance plan, including the company name and phone number, group number, the student's policy identification number, the policy holder's relationship to the student, and the summary of benefits. Please use the waiver worksheet to gather this information in advance of using the online waiver tool, as you will only be able to submit the waiver application one time (even if you make a mistake). You will receive a confirmation number upon completion of the form. Print this page for your records.

What are the deadlines for submitting a waiver?

Fall 2020: The Fall 2020 waiver period is May 1, 2020 to July 31, 2020. Waivers must be received by July 31, 2020 to avoid a late fee of $75. All waivers received between August 1, 2020 and August 15, 2020 will be subject to a late fee of $75. No waivers will be accepted after August 15, 2020.

Spring 2021: The Spring 2021 waiver period is December 1, 2020 to January 15, 2021. Waivers must be received by January 1, 2021 to avoid a late fee of $75. All waivers received between January 2, 2020 and January 15, 2020 will be subject to a late fee of $75. 

What are the deadlines for students in Special Summer Programs?

Please see Special Summer Programs. Special Summer Programs include Professional Track LLM, LLM Hybrid Option (summer starts only) and incoming students in the following programs: Master of Public Affairs, Masters of Arts in Teaching, Master of Real Estate Development & Design, Master of Financial Engineering (incoming March class only), and the 11-month Master of Public Health.

What options do I have if my waiver is denied?

If you have submitted your online waiver and it was denied, you may submit a waiver appeal if you believe your insurance does meet the criteria. Your appeal must be submitted within 10 business days in order for your waiver to be considered. You must have already completed the online waiver and received a denial to use this form.

To securely submit your SHIP Waiver Appeal, follow the instructions below: 

  • Log in to the eTang patient portal with your Calnet ID and passphrase.
  • From the welcome page, click "MESSAGES" on the left side menu.
  • Click "New Message".
  • Under "More Options", select "SHIP waiver appeal".
  • Fill out the form completely and click the "Send" button.
If you do not receive a response to your appeal within 30 days, please contact the insurance office at (510) 642-5700 or Please note, you may be contacted via secure message in the eTang patient portal if additional documentation is needed to process your appeal. 

My waiver was approved but it hasn't appeared on my CalCentral account.

For Fall 2020: If you submit your waiver form by the July 31 deadline, the SHIP fee will not appear on your first Cal Student Central statement of the Fall semester. If you submitted your waiver form after July 31 but by August 15, you will see a credit for the SHIP fee on your account in August or September. However, there will be a late waiver fee of $75 applied to your account that you must pay. Please wait until you have received this fee before calling the Student Health Insurance Office about your waiver.

Do I have to submit a separate waiver every semester?

Academic year waivers approved in the Fall cover the following Spring semester only. In October, your Fall semester waiver will be transferred automatically to Spring semester. The credit will appear on the student CalCentral account in December. If you submitted a waiver for the Spring semester only, then the following Fall you must submit an academic-year waiver in order to continue to receive the health insurance fee credit. Approved Spring waivers are good for the Spring semester only.

I submitted a waiver for the academic year and received the credit for Fall semester, but not for Spring semester. What should I do?

Contact the Student Health Insurance Office at (510) 642-5700 or email

I submitted a waiver but now I no longer have other insurance. How can I get covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan?

Please submit a waiver reversal by following the instructions below:

  • Log in to the eTang patient portal with your Calnet ID and passphrase.
  • From the welcome page, click "MESSAGES" on the left side menu. 
  • Click "New Message". 
  • Under "More Options", select "SHIP Waiver Forms".
  • Select "SHIP Waiver REVERSAL Form".
  • Fill out the form completely and click the "Send" button.
If this is your first time using the eTang patient portal, you will need to complete the compliance forms before proceeding to the waiver reversal form. Please go to the home page and click on "Forms" on the left to complete any necessary consents.
Please note, you may be asked for verification from your former insurance company stating the date your coverage ended.

If I waive SHIP can I still use the University Health Services at the Tang Center?

Yes, all registered UC Berkeley students can be seen at the University Health Services, regardless of the type of insurance they have.

I have a problem with my waiver. Who can I talk to about it?

Contact the Student Health Insurance Office at (510) 642-5700, email your questions to, or currently enrolled students can send a secure message to the SHIP office via the eTang patient portal. The ASUC Student Advocate Office contact information as the independent, student-run organization that may be able to advise on how to submit waivers and appeals.

ASUC Student Advocate's Office

The ASUC Student Advocate's Office is a student-run office that provides free and confidential advice and representation to students who experience issues or conflicts with the university. If after contacting the SHIP office, you would like additional support regarding SHIP, completing waiver appeals, or billing, please contact them at (510) 642-6912 or