How to use SHIP

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With SHIP, you can use care at University Health Services (UHS) (also known as the Tang Center). When you need medical care, simply call to make an appointment. SHIP members pay $15 for a primary care, physical therapy and gynecology office visit, $25 for specialty visits and $35 for an Urgent Care clinic visit at the Tang Center ($50 co-pay for in-network off-campus Urgent Care)....

SHIP Benefits

berkeley ship logoBerkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is an outstanding health plan designed specifically for college students.

Berkeley SHIP is a comprehensive major medical insurance plan, providing medical, counseling and prescription through Wellfleet Student, vision through ...

SHIP Referrals

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Students should visit an in-network provider in order to receive the maximum benefits on the plan. To find an in-network provider, students can call Wellfleet member services at (833) 302-9785, download the Berkeley SHIP mobile app or use the...

Insurance for Dependents

Berkeley SHIP offers comprehensive medical, behavioral health, dental and vision insurance for you and your family!

Voluntary SHIP plans are now available for the dependents of students enrolled in SHIP.

SHIP for Non-Registered Students

SHIP for Non-Registered Students collapse all expand all Who May Enroll? Filing fee graduate or concurrent enrollment undergraduate students may purchase the voluntary plan. The student must have been enrolled in SHIP the Fall or Spring term immediately preceding the term for which the student wants to purchase.

A voluntary SHIP option is also available to those who have approved temporary medical withdrawal or...

Medical - Outpatient

1Covered medical expenses incurred for the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, and pre/cervical cancer with network providers are not subject to the deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance. Note: prescription drugs are not included in this new benefit. See the prescription page for prescription co-pays.

2Subject to the $450 deductible.

3If the student's plan terminates before...

Mental Health + Substance Abuse

collapse all expand all Outpatient Counseling + Couples Counseling

At UHS: No co-pay for short term counseling. Psychiatry visits, plan pays 100% after $15 co-pay.

Outside of UHS: Pays 100% after $15 copay for network providers. Plan pays 50% of non-network rates1.

Inpatient and...


collapse all expand all SHIP -- What is it and why is it provided by the University?

To understand how SHIP works, it is important to understand that your health plan at UC Berkeley consists of two parts:

1. University Health Services (UHS)

University Health Services is a complete outpatient health center for students, providing medical, mental health and preventive care. Our clinicians serve as your primary care provider...

Waiving SHIP

Fall 2021 Waiver Period

The fall 2021 waiver period is May 3, 2021 to July 15, 2021.

All waivers received between July 16, 2021 and August 15, 2021 will be subject to a late fee of $75.

Absolutely no waiver applications will be accepted after August 15, 2021.

The waiver criteria and waiver worksheet can be found under "waiver resources" below.

Special Programs Summer 2021

Master of Laws (Executive Track LLM)

Incoming students in the following programs:

Master of Public Affairs (MPA) Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT)...