Support for API Students, Staff, and Faculty Regarding Recent Attacks on API Community

February 11, 2021

Statement of Support

In light of recent events and violence towards the Asian/Asian American community both locally here in the Bay Area and in other parts of the country, we join the UC Berkeley community in acknowledging that we condemn these acts of violence and want to show our support for our Asian/Asian American community at UC Berkeley. We believe it is important to name the painful impact of escalating violence, invisibility, erasure, and othering that AAPI students and local and global community members are facing in this time of racial reckoning. We can understand that the local news reports of violent assaults in SF and Oakland can be triggering for those who identify with these groups and also recognize the diversity of the AAPI umbrella. We at CAPS are here to listen, support, and engage with students from these communities. Please reach out for support by contacting the resources below or if you would like for us to come to provide support for your student group or organization for broader dialogue.

Resources for Students

Counseling and Psychological Services

We encourage students to reach out to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) if they are feeling unsafe and needing support. (510) 642-9494

Students can also meet with counselors who specialize in working with API students, find resources on our API Connect and SSWANA pages.

Students can also attend:

Flier of api counselors names, photo, and specialties.

Get Involved

Sometimes the best form of healing after these traumatic racial based events is to advocate and become involved in local and national levels. Here is a small list of resources that may be helpful to start:

Resources for Staff & Faculty

Be Well at Work Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance is counseling for UC Berkeley Faculty and Staff, and Employees of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Other Campus Resources