Resources for Staff and Faculty Injured at Work

February 20, 2018

Workplace injuries hurt everyone. An injured employee may be forced to take time off, face chronic pain, and find essential functions of their job increasingly difficult. Supervisors: did you know that once injured, an employee is at an increased risk for reinjury?

The WorkStrong program is a UC system-wide initiative that provides specialized health and wellness programs for those who have been injured on the job. This comprehensive program is designed to reduce the risk of further injury and promote overall health and wellness. The program is free and is designed to fit each individual’s needs. The program includes components of fitness, nutrition and weight management, life balance and stress reduction, self-awareness and skill building, etc.

The program is available upon referral from University Health Services Occupational Health during treatment for workplace injury.

 For more information, email Carrie King, UC Berkeley WorkStrong Coordinator at