Connection Cafe - Did I pick the right school?

August 18, 2014

Sometimes I get really stressed out because I feel like everybody here is a lot smarter than me. I don't feel like I deserve to be at Berkeley, no matter how much my friends try to reassure me. What do I do?

Everyone here is smart with many different types of talents and skills. Know that Cal does not accept anyone who “does not below here” – surely you are not the one exception. Try to re-frame any negative thoughts and avoid sweeping generalizations like “Everyone here is a lot smarter than me.” Instead, focus on the fact that you are working hard and doing your best. If you’re really struggling in class, seek out tutoring, and get guidance from your GSI and/or professor. Be your own cheerleader, speak kindly to yourself, and focus on what makes you special and great.

UHS has health educators and counselors who are happy to talk to you about this more in-depth if you’re interested. Take care.