Practice - Online Tools

Develop your mental health toolkit with apps and other online tools.

Mental Health Websites

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

TAO is available to all students and offers an online library of interactive programs to help you learn life skills and tools to manage challenges such as stress and anxiety, imposter syndrome, and grief. (Free)

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UCLA Mindfulness Research Center

Meditation-focused; available in several languages.

Creating a Self-Care Plan

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Self-Care Starter Kit

A guide into the journey that goes into developing the tools of self-care.

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What's Your Be Well Game Plan?

Include living a balanced and fulfilled life as part of your definition of success! We encourage you to have a plan for taking care of yourself in all aspects of your life throughout the academic year.

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Managing Sleep - Refresh Program

This 8-week self-study program can help you get your sleep back on track.

Mental Health Assessments


UHS offers anonymous online screenings for a variety of mental health issues through MindWise Innovations. 

Spotlight: Headspace App

Using the Headspace App

The Headspace app is free to residents of the City of Berkeley. Sign up to access meditations, sleep sounds, and movement exercises.

Mental Health Apps

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Sign up to access meditations, sleep sounds, and movement exercises.

Blue Calm Script App Icon Logo


App for sleep, meditation and relaxation.

Oak Meditation Leaf Logo

Oak Meditation

Free app for meditation and breathing.

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Learn a set of Community Resiliency Model (CRM)® wellness skills.

InsightTimer Copper Sound Bowl and Wordmark App Logo

Insight Timer

Free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress.

Self-Help App for the Mind (SAM) App Logo


Self-help app to manage anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

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Play to improve resilience, mental health, and social-emotional learning.