Supporting Students During Ukraine Crisis

Supporting Students During this International Crisis

UC Berkeley is a global community of students, faculty, and staff with ties to various regions of the world.  The recent military invasion of Ukraine threatens the life, liberty, physical, and psychological well-being of people in Ukraine, surrounding nations and our communities connected to these regions.  This can contribute to both immediate and long-term physical and psychological symptoms generally associated with the effects of trauma stress responses. These stressors can differ for individuals and groups.  

The well-being of the UC Berkeley community is important to us and we want to remind students of the UHS Mental Health supports available to them. Such events can be very unsettling and can lead to anxious feelings - it is normal to have a wide range of thoughts, feelings, and reactions.  Please know that there are steps for you to engage in self-care, get support, and cope with these reactions:

  • Connecting with trusted friends, family, mentors, community members/elders

  • Limiting your over-exposure to news

  • Focusing on your sleep and eating routine, taking breaks outside

  • Reaching out for support from your professors, advisors, CAPS’s mental health resources, and other campus resources.  Students can also access 24/7 after- hours support line at (855) 817-5667.