Mental Health and Wellbeing at Haas

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Connect with Specialized Support for Haas Students

Dr. Don Capone, UC Berkeley licensed staff psychologist with Counseling and Psychological Services, is available to help here at Haas.

Counseling sessions are by appointment only and available for all registered Haas students (i.e., undergraduate, FTMBA, EWMBA, Executive MBA, MFE, and PhD students). These 45-minute sessions are completely confidential, and initial and subsequent sessions are free regardless of whether or not you have the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Counseling for Haas Students

How to Connect:

  • Phone: (510) 642-4853 or 
  • Email:
    • Please do NOT send personal health information. Just briefly indicate your interest in a 45-minute consultation. Email is not a secure mode of communication. 
    • Please send your *maximum* availability for at least two weeks from the date that you contact him as demand for appointments is typically high. 
  • You can schedule an appointment by phone or email above to discuss your important needs. Once you meet, future correspondences should be through secure messages on the eTang portal

Types of Services Available:

Dr. Don Capone can assist you if you are a Haas student in need of:

  • a single-session consultation,
  • regular counseling sessions,
  • campus and community referrals including medication, DSP academic accommodations, group support, SHIP Teladoc referrals,
  • and/or referrals for longer-term, weekly, private, and or specialized psychotherapy.

Don's Hours & Availability


  • All Day Wednesday/ Most of the Day Thursday.
  • No Friday or weekend appointments are available at this time.

Zoom/Phone Appointments

  • Mondays  - Thursdays
  • No Friday or weekend appointments are available at this time.
  • Due to licensing laws, you must be located in the state of California to be eligible to receive ongoing telecounseling services. One-time consultations are possible if you are located out-of-state and are interested in an assessment and then local referrals in the state where you currently reside.

About All Appointments:

  • By appointment only.
  • Free and completely confidential.
  • The initial consultation and subsequent sessions are free regardless of whether or not you have SHIP insurance. Sessions are typically 45 minutes. 
  • Ideal for planning out 2 weeks in advance.

Additional Mental Health Resources

Learn through Reading

Read through books and podcasts recommended by our clinicians. 

group counseling

Engage with Peers

Connect with peers through Group Counseling or other support options. 

Counselor and student

Talk to a Mental Health Provider

Connect with one of our student mental health providers based on your needs. 

Practice Mental Health Skills

Develop your own mental health skills through recommended apps. 

  • Students with urgent needs should call (510) 642-9494 to speak with a University Health Services counselor from Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

  • After-hours support line at (855) 817-5667.

An extension of Counseling and Psychological Services

You may also choose instead to contact UHS Counseling and Psychological Services if you prefer to work with a counselor with one or more shared identities, please feel free to make a request when you contact UHS to schedule an appointment by phone at (510) 642-9494.

Wishing you wellness through intentional self-care and self-preservation as an essential part of your success strategy at Haas!
Don Capone, PsyD