Reciprocal Healthcare for Visiting UC Students

UC Berkeley supports the Statement of Reciprocal Services for University of California Student Health Centers:

The Student Health Center (SHC) at each University of California campus gladly offers reciprocal access to its student health services to currently registered students from all other UC campuses under the same conditions that apply to its own students who are not enrolled in its campus Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). 

Students enrolled in their home campus SHIP may receive special discounts, benefits or services at their home campus Student Health Center that are funded by that campus; these unique benefits may not be available at another UC campus. Please note that counseling services are not included in this agreement.

How it Works

For UC Berkeley students visiting other UC student health centers

  • Registered UC Berkeley students may be seen at other UC campuses in the same status that they are registered at UC Berkeley. Each campus operates their student health center differently to best meet the needs of students in their area. 
  • UC Berkeley students will have to pay for medical care at other UC student health centers and get reimbursed through the Student Health Insurance Office. 
  • UC Berkeley students should bring their student ID card and a form of payment for billing.

For visiting UC students

  • Registered students from other UC campuses may be seen at UC Berkeley’s University Health Services (UHS) at the Tang Center in the same status that they are registered as at their home campus.
  • Call for an appointment (510) 642-2000 or come into the UHS main lobby appointment desk. Both regular and urgent care appointments are available.
  • Visiting students should bring their Student ID card and a form of payment (e.g. cash, credit card, or check) for billing. Students on UC SHIP should also bring their UC SHIP ID card or number.
  • Charges for services within UHS will be the same as the discounted charges for “waived” or non-SHIP UC Berkeley students; see sample fees listing. UC SHIP students see the section underlined below.
  • Visiting UC students must pay at the time of service. They will receive a billing statement from us so that they can submit it to their own home campus SHIP or other private insurance carrier. 
  • For UC SHIP students, the Tang Center will attempt to bill Wellfleet instead of charging the student upfront for the full cost of services performed here (the student's home campus usual co-pays/co-insurances will apply and need to be paid at the time of the visit). 
  • Counseling services are not covered under the reciprocity agreement.

Other UC campuses student health centers
Each campus operates their student health center differently to best meet the needs of students in their area, and SHIP insurance is not transferable at this time; please check their websites for further information: