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Tag-along Roommate

March 9, 2018
My roommate is always trying to tag along with me and my friends. I'm cool with them coming sometimes since I know he doesn't have a lot of friends, but I really want to spend time with my friends without him being there. Is there any way I can let him know without being rude?

Long distance love losing steam

April 6, 2018
"I've been dating my long distance bf for a while now, ~ 10 months (we started dating during the last few months of high school). I see him about once every month for a weekend or so. I feel like I've lost the physical attraction, but he has a very attractive personality/character that I would be sad to lose. He's my best friend. When we kiss, I don't feel the spark anymore though. And the sex was never really satisfying for me. I know that it's satisfying for him and that he isn't losing the physical or emotional attraction. What should I do? We'll be within 5 min drive of each other during the summer, but it's ldr during the school year."

My lab job is stressing me out!

February 2, 2018
I scored a position with the lab of my dreams, but the lead researcher is a really difficult person to work with. I can never do anything right and he never praises any of my hard work. On top of this he acts like I don't do enough even though I put in more hours than I should. I'm still a student so of course there is a limit to how much time I can spend there. It's starting to stress me out to the point where I think about quitting. What do you think I should do?

Is He Interested In Me?

March 2, 2018
"I really like this guy but I think that he's gay. What do I do? "

Finding love...what's the secret?

February 23, 2018
​​​"How do you find love, like in general?"

More than sex

November 17, 2017
"How do I deal with someone that only wants to be friends with benefits, but I may want more?"

Is it my lack of personality?

November 24, 2017
"I have met a couple guys from Tinder in the past year. On our first date I can see they are physically attracted to me judging by their body language (hand holding, hugging, tap of hand, and even attempted kissing) but It never leads to a second date and a relationship and I suspect is my lack of personality. What do you advise in that case? How can I work on becoming a more fun person to talk to/be around? or should I just accept myself for who I am and wait for the right guy who will appreciate me for who I am and not just for my looks?"

I like her, but the problem is....she has a boyfriend!

July 21, 2017
This girl and I have been hanging out a lot lately and I can tell there are feelings growing between us two. But the problem is… she has a boyfriend. She’s in a long distance relationship. She talks to me about their problems all the time. We haven’t done anything “bad”… no cheating or anything. I really like her, but I also don’t want to get in-between her relationship with her boyfriend. What should I do?!

I didn't get the internship I wanted. Now what?

July 7, 2017
"I didn't get the internship that I really wanted and its bumming me out. How can I deal with the feelings of inadequacy that have been coming up?"

Q&A: Socializing at Berkeley

August 27, 2014
I’m a shy guy. How do I make friends at Cal?