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Relationship Q&A: Spring 2013

January 2, 2014
I’m am incoming freshman and I am really scared for the heavy workload and challenging classes. I came from a high school that did not have many resources and did not receive the best education. I am worried that I cannot compare to other students who had the privilege to go to good school and have additional academic support. Do you have any advice for what I can do or how to change this mentality?

What is healthy fighting in a relationship?

August 17, 2014
My boyfriend and I have a wonderful, fun, and caring relationship, but whenever we get into fights he completely shuts down, doesn't reach out, and can be really narrow-minded about hearing my perspective. I've talked to him about how I feel and he reacted well, but is there any way to facilitate communication if we have another argument? Thanks!

Help! I'm in a love triangle

August 17, 2014

After getting over Guy A a few months ago, I started having feelings for Guy B. I told B my feelings for him only to find out A and B have a semicasual relationship going on right now. I feel really hurt especially knowing that B would rather have a friends-with-benefits relationship with A, than have a genuine romantic relationship with me. Have any advice on how to get over this? They are both good friends and I don't want to lose my friendship with them, but it's honestly hard to see them now

How do I make a move on "cafe guy?"

August 13, 2014
There is a really charming guy at a cafe that I go to, I've seen him several times. I don't know how to start a conversation! And a lot of times, he has a few other peoples with him.

I plan to save myself for marriage

August 13, 2014
I recently entered a relationship with a guy who's not a virgin. I am, and plan to be until marriage. He knows this and says he's ok with it but also says that it's difficult for guys to control their sexual desires. We've never reached a concrete resolution to this problem, but I would love some insight on how or if you think this could still work...

Should I know about my partner's sexual history?

August 11, 2014
I'm a virgin and my boyfriend of five months isn't. I recently have been hearing about him talking to mutual friends about his sexual past, and it bothers me to hear about it. Should I ask him to tell me everything? Is it a good idea for me to be kept blind about his sexual history?

I'm disappointed with my boyfriend

August 8, 2014

I always seem to be disappointed with my boyfriend. He says he cares about me and misses me whenever we’re apart but his actions show otherwise, such as canceling on dates, and setting a time limit on how much we should spend time together since he’s so busy with school. And whenever we’re together, we’re usually doing something he wants, especially having sex. Sometimes I really feel that he does care about me but am I being delusional and is he just lying?

Help I'm constantly being sexiled from my room

August 7, 2014
My roommate constantly lets her boyfriend sleepover so I’m always getting sexiled overnight (so it’s the couch for me…). I’ve already told her that I don’t like him staying over so much but she always comes up with excuses as to why he had to. I don’t want to fight with her over such a petty issue but I can’t take it anymore, help!

How do I overcome my shyness and ask someone out

August 6, 2014
If I’m a shy person, but I have my eye on snagging a Valentine, what are some ways I can go about either being a secret admirer or just straight forward with this person?

Romance at work isn't such a good idea after all

August 5, 2014
I hooked up with a girl I work with and now it’s a bit awkward, which is affecting our team progress. What should I do?