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Connection Cafe - Can We Stay Friends After A Break Up?

July 24, 2014
I spent most of my college career dating this special girl I met freshmen year. She was my bestfriend and I always thought that no matter what happened between the two of us, we would at least want to be friends. After our relationship ended, that friendship I spent years building disappeared. I want to be friends with her, but I am not sure how to make it work out. Time hasn't helped and I we don't even talk anymore. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Connection Cafe - Can We Be More than Friends?

July 27, 2014
I have been had a crush on a good friend for a few months. He recently ended a long-term relationship, and about a month later I asked him out, to which he seemed really flattered and said he'd think about. A couple weeks later, he said he didn't think of me that way and it didn't seem like a good idea. More recently though, he seems really flirty and seems like he is now crushing on me. Should I try again, or would it seem desperate? Is the "ball in his court?"

Connection Cafe - Awesome list of places to eat at Berkeley

August 22, 2014
It is essential that you have a meal plan when going into the dorms. Yes, there is a communal kitchen located in each building; however, I guarantee you that it will not replace the dining commons.

Connection Cafe - Best Wishes From Summer Barista Lauren!

August 23, 2014
This is my very last written blog post to you all. I am passing on the torch of being a Love Cafe barista to new, eager writers. This has truly been such an incredible experience and I am so grateful. I thought I found my niche already at UC Berkeley; however, after researching the various organizations that UC Berkeley has to offer, I realized that I have tasted only a sliver of all the amazing opportunities offered at this top university. You can sure bet that I will be signing up for new things during my last few years at UC Berkeley. Now, with only a few days left of summer before we start this chapter in our lives, I thought I would pass on a few words of wisdom to you all.

Connection Cafe - Best Friends Forever?

August 6, 2014
I’ve noticed recently that my best friend and I have grown to be very different people with different values, goals, and attitudes towards life. Because of this, it’s hard to talk with each other now without feeling really bored to the point I actually dread our catch-up sessions. I really want to stay good friends with her and I feel sad that this is happening to us. Can I save our friendship or should I just come to terms with us drifting apart?

Connection Cafe - Are Political Views Worth Ending Things Over or Are There Better Ways That We Can Work Things Out?

February 3, 2017
I started dating this girl last semester and I really like her. We get along great, she is very supportive, she’s intelligent, and she makes me laugh which is a bonus. The thing is we have different political views on some issues happening in the world right now and can get into heated debates. I often walk away feeling like she doesn’t understand the reality of social justice needs in this country and consider removing her from my life. Are political views worth ending things over or are there better ways that we can work things out?

Connection Cafe - Am I Too Stressed to Dress Up and Look Good?

March 11, 2014
I’ve been so stressed this semester that I haven’t been feeling much like a girl, as in dressing up a bit, putting on some make-up, or doing my hair. I don’t understand how others can keep up with all that despite being in the middle of midterm season. I feel really gross since I don’t really care about what I wear or how I look. How can I find a balance?

Connection Cafe - "I Need Some Alone Time!"

April 21, 2017
"I am feeling burnt out right now and could use some time to myself. The problem is that I am an extrovert by nature and people have gotten used to me having my dorm room door open and just stopping by. It's already difficult enough living with so many other people, but now that the stress of the semester is high, I'm overwhelmed. What are some ideas that I can use to get some alone time?"

Connection Cafe - A relationship Without a Label Problems

July 28, 2014
There's this guy- a relationship without a label. He stated he needed space after about 2 weeks and that he "liked me too much" and was scared. we decreased hanging out- then we began hanging out again. I had sex with him, he was my first. since then we've been friends with benefits- but I think I am liking him too much and half the time we will only talk once or twice during the week- he's very distant but still treats me like i'm everything when i'm with him- what do i do, i'm confused

Will my friend forget about me?!

May 4, 2018
My friend is getting into a relationship and I am very happy for her but I am afraid that we will not be as close as we used to. What should I do?