Surveillance Testing Requirement Changes

March 31, 2021

Starting April 1, Campus Surveillance Testing Requirements are Changing for Fully Vaccinated Faculty, Staff, and Most* Students. 

Weekly testing will not be required for 90 days from the date your testing badge turns green - either 14 days after a final UHS vaccine or 14 days after the recorded date in eTang of a final outside vaccine. If you’ve been vaccinated outside of UHS, you’ll also need to complete at least one surveillance test at UHS to receive a green badge status. 

*Vaccinated students living in campus housing or participating in Athletics will still be required to get surveillance testing, but 1x/week, not 2x.

Please note that vaccinated people should still isolate/quarantine and come in for diagnostic testing (at UHS, as scheduled in eTang) if they become symptomatic or come in close contact with a case and live in congregate housing. 

Ability to Upload Your Vaccine Records in eTang

Starting April 1, you can (and are strongly encouraged to) upload your outside COVID-19 vaccine records in eTang. Instructions for updating your records