Should I know about my partner's sexual history?

August 11, 2014

I'm a virgin and my boyfriend of five months isn't. I recently have been hearing about him talking to mutual friends about his sexual past, and it bothers me to hear about it. Should I ask him to tell me everything? Is it a good idea for me to be kept blind about his sexual history?

I know that it may be hard to hear about your boyfriend’s past, but if your imagination is driving you crazy thinking about it, you might as well just ask. It might even make you feel better! If you think it the past doesn’t matter, then it may be better to just leave things the way they are. However, I believe you definitely should ask him if you are planning on starting a sexual relationship with him. Best of luck, darling.


I don’t really think you should ask him about his sexual history, with the exception of asking if he was safe with his past partners. He might like to keep his sexual history a secret, so unless he chooses to share don’t investigate!