The semester just started and I'm already falling behind

September 9, 2016

The semester just started and I’m already worried that I’m going to fall behind in classes. Its super easy for me to get distracted so procrastination is becoming a problem. I’ve downloaded an app that blocks me from sites that I get sucked into like FB or Reddit but it’s not enough. Advice- please!

You are not alone in this struggle! There are more distractions than ever tempting us away from homework and studying. The good thing is that you are seeking support and have already tried some things on your own- like the apps (I have one on my phone! lol).

One tip that really helps me is to set a timer for 15 minutes. In that time I do whatever work I can and then have a 5 minute break scheduled for after. Most of the time I end up working more than 15 minutes straight, which is great, but it also feels nice to have a break available if you need it!

Also, try finding a new place to study- preferably one with other people working quietly as motivation. Just being around others’ productivity can be an inspiration!

Good luck!