I'm worried that things might be getting stagnant with my boyfriend

April 8, 2014

I'm worried that things might be getting stagnant with my boyfriend. I'm really busy with class and he's working, so when we do hang out we don't have much time to go out or anything. I don't want our relationship to becoming "boring" but I also don't want to get behind in my classes. What should I do?

We all want the butterflies, head-spinning, exciting romance. It sounds like you want that excitement, but you don’t have the time for it. Someone once told me, “a relationship is like adding on 4 units to your current units.” I find this statement incredibly true. For example, if you are originally overworking yourself with 18 units, a relationship would make your grand total 22 units! That’s a whole lot of pressure. Therefore, don’t stress yourself out about being “boring.” Your relationship is only “boring” if you think it is. You don’t have to go out for a romantic dinner on the pier for the relationship to be exciting. Try little things, such as simple at home movie nights. If you have even less time, send romantic text messages or even make your kisses more passionate. You can easily make your everyday moments special and romantic! Hope this helps. Best of luck, darling. –Jami