I'm in my first ever relationship - should I tell my parents?

August 19, 2014

I've recently started seeing a guy (this is the first relationship I've ever been in), and I was wondering: when (or even if) should I tell my parents about him? I'm afraid they might not approve of him, or they might start asking uncomfortable questions. But at the same time I don't want to be keeping things from them; this relationship is something I'm really excited and happy about.

How great that you are happy and excited about your current relationship! How much to share with your parents about your personal life as a young adult is your call. Is there something about your guy that you know your parents would not like (personality, looks, cultural or religious background, etc.)? If there is something significant they would not approve of, you might want to wait until the relationship is very solid before introducing him to your folks. As for any possible uncomfortable questions from them, this is the perfect time to create some boundaries—it’s always okay to dodge questions or to say upfront that you’d rather not answer such a personal question. Good luck and enjoy your relationship! First relationships are special!