I'm emotionally into someone who is already taken

August 2, 2014

i have a friend that i like, and he likes me to. we didn't like each other from the beginning, and it was all a game when we started chatting. but now we came out with our feelings. we never kissed because i didn't wanted to, but we did a lot of other stuff. the problem is that he has s gf and i don't think he would leave her, or at least i don't want him to. i like him a lot, but i am no sure if i want to be with him. sometimes it's great to be with him and i love him, but others it feels wrong

Mama Luv is glad that you understand being with someone taken is not a good idea. For your situation, it’s important to figure out what you want from your current relationship with him. If you realize that you don’t want to be with him because you don’t want him to leave his girlfriend, then the best approach is to tell him that you two can only be friends. However, if you do want to be with him, then Mama Luv would suggest asking him if it’s also what he wants. Regardless of your decision, hanging out with him as more than friends is not right if he is in a relationship. Baby, make sure to protect yourself but also to not hurt anyone else’s feelings. in the meantime, keep your chin up, strut with confidence, and shake what your mama gave ya! Mama Luv is here to help.

Mama Luv

I think the most important thing to do in this situation is to first figure out how you feel. Once you know whether or not you want to continue your relationship with this boy, you can make your next move. If you do want to be with him, i think you should let him know where you stand. be aware that he might face a difficult decision because of his current girlfriend, but just let him make a decision and hopefully all works out for the best.


Rather than focusing on the happy but fleeting moments you share with him, try looking at the bigger picture instead: does a relationship together look promising if both parties are so unsure of how much they are willing to commit to each other? And because you don’t believe that he’ll leave his gf, perhaps it is best if you can slowly let him go and look elsewhere for someone who is positively certain that he wants to be with you (and vice versa) and is single. Of course it won’t be easy doing either, but it will hopefully save you from further heartache.