How do I overcome my shyness and ask someone out

August 6, 2014

If I’m a shy person, but I have my eye on snagging a Valentine, what are some ways I can go about either being a secret admirer or just straight forward with this person?

In my personal opinion, I feel like Valentine’s Day is a good day to test the waters out with your crush. Casually – or maybe even half jokingly – asking to be their Valentine might change the way they see you if you’re just friends. You can use this so-called “Single Awareness Day” to let your crush know how you feel. Whether it goes well or not, at least you can be satisfied with the fact that you took the risk.

Now if it’s a stranger, that’s a little more difficult and easier at the same time. How can that be? Well with a stranger you literally have nothing to lose, not even your pride. By being a secret admirer, you can make their day and let them know you exist. You could also approach them and just start a conversation, and by getting to know them better, you let yourself know whether you want them to stay as strangers.

Either way, this nonsense about Valentine’s Day being for just couples needs to be demystified. Give your friends a Valentine. Or a stranger. Holidays are for letting people know you love and care about them.


Sweetie pie,
I am so excited you’re asking a question about V-day and am proud that you’re taking the first step by seeking advice! Mama Luv understands how difficult it is to approach that ‘special someone’ if you’re shy (trust me, been there!). However, sometimes, it is important to be straight forward because taking the indirect approach can hinder you from having that special someone in your life! So Mama Luv would suggest telling this person how you feel. But honey, please keep in mind that s/he may or may not feel the same way, so keep your chin up if that special someone doesn’t reciprocate! Although you may feel vulnerable, sometimes it is necessary to put yourself in such a position if you want a chance to love and be loved. Regardless of what happens, Mama Luv wishes you a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget you have family and friends who also love you! So keep your chin up, strut with confidence, and shake what your mama gave ya! Mama Luv is here to help.
Mama Luv