How can I support my roommate during stressful times?

June 4, 2016

I have had the same roommate for two years and consider her a good friend of mine. I know this semester has been hectic, but my roommate tends to use this as an excuse for snapping on me. She does this to other people as well, ‘Ive noticed. Should I say something to her? Or I ignore it. What are ways I can be supportive of her through really stressful times?

Hi there! First off, I know how hard it can be when someone you’ve known and gotten close to over a long period of time starts acting different (in a bad way) all of a sudden. The good thing about this though is that you know she isn’t like this usually. Also, because you’ve noticed that she’s been doing this to other people, not just you, then you can infer that the cause behind her snappiness isn’t some personal problem between you and her. In this situation, it seems that some little signs support from you might be a good first move before confronting her about her attitude. For example, check in on how her day went when she comes back from campus, or invite her to go to the library or to a cafe to study with you! If she is still acting snappy after you increase your support, then I would definitely sit down with her and tell her that you will always be there for her during her stressful times, but you would also appreciate it if she didn’t take her stress out on you.

Good luck!

Love, Simran