Help! I'm in a love triangle

August 17, 2014

After getting over Guy A a few months ago, I started having feelings for Guy B. I told B my feelings for him only to find out A and B have a semicasual relationship going on right now. I feel really hurt especially knowing that B would rather have a friends-with-benefits relationship with A, than have a genuine romantic relationship with me. Have any advice on how to get over this? They are both good friends and I don't want to lose my friendship with them, but it's honestly hard to see them now

You sound like a great person: sensitive and communicative–qualities that will serve you well in future relationships! It’s always painful when someone we’re interested in doesn’t feel the same level of interest. And it’s especially tough when they choose a casual or deeper relationship with an ex of ours. You don’t need to walk away from these friendships; but this might be the right time to put more energy into making your other friendships stronger. Sp, perhaps spend less time with them until the feelings feel less raw and more time with other friends. Or make some new friends. Hang in there. The heart does heal.