Help I'm constantly being sexiled from my room

August 7, 2014

My roommate constantly lets her boyfriend sleepover so I’m always getting sexiled overnight (so it’s the couch for me…). I’ve already told her that I don’t like him staying over so much but she always comes up with excuses as to why he had to. I don’t want to fight with her over such a petty issue but I can’t take it anymore, help!

Next time, refuse to leave the room when he comes over. Just kidding. It’s not fair that you have to sleep on the cold, hard couch as her boyfriend, who isn’t paying rent, gets to sleep in a warm bed in YOUR room. Be straightforward and tell her that he’s only allowed to sleepover once (or twice, if you’re really nice) a week or something similar, given that neither of you have exams or anything. Tell her that unless it’s an emergency, he can’t be sleeping over the set number of times he’s allowed to per week. If she objects, make hersleep on the couch for a change. Kidding again. But seriously, unless her boyfriend is homeless or something, there is little reason for him to, as she claims, “have” to stay over. –Amanda

I think a good idea would be to suggest to your roommate that she have her boyfriend over when you’re not around, or to maybe stay at his place a few nights! In this situation, compromise seems to be the only option, but talking openly and making an agreement could definitely make things less awkward (and less uncomfortable to sleep on) for you! –Emily