Help, I think my roommate is eating my food!

March 10, 2017

Help! I think my roommate is eating my food. We shop separately and I’ve been noticing lately that my snacks are disappearing faster than I am able to eat them. I’m not sure how to bring this up because I don’t wanna get into an argument but I can’t keep wasting money on snacks I’m not eating. Any advice?

Hi there! We’ve all been through this semi-awkward situation before: your roommate borrows/uses/eats something of yours and you don’t really want that happening. You definitely don’t want to start a huge fight with your roommate over some snacks, so I wouldn’t make a huge deal about it. I would suggest casually saying something like “Do you mind if I put all of my snacks on this side of the cupboard/fridge? I don’t want to mix our food up.” Or move your snacks to a place that is clearly only for your food, like a separate cupboard or drawer in your fridge. That should give her a hint that you don’t want her eating your food and that you don’t plan on eating her food either. Good Luck!


Hello! This doesn’t sound too good. I think the best way to go about fixing this problem is to just confront your roommate in a mature manner. The only way to prevent this from happening is to let your roommate know that you do not appreciate what he or she is doing. Sometimes, you just have to voice that concern of yours ;) The next time you buy snacks, you can also tell them to ask you if they ever want a snack of yours. If you’re not entirely sure/have proof that it’s your roommate who’s consuming all of your goodies, just lightheartedly ask him or her if they happen to know where all of your snacks are going. If he or she is actually the one eating them but are denying it because they are embarrassed, at least your roommate now know that you are aware of what’s happening. It’s better to bring up any concerns because you don’t want to keep buying snacks and have them disappear before your eyes. Go for it and ask nicely. Good luck!


If you’re more of the passive-aggressive type,you could start off by casually mentioning that your snacks are missing around them and comment on how annoying it is. Hopefully they get the hint. You can take the passive-aggression even further by writing your name on all your groceries.
But if they’re dense/apathetic or you don’t have a label-maker? It’s time to confront your roommate, but first make sure there’s no other possible explanations for your food to go missing (an example would be if a friend of yours took snacks) to avoid an embarrassing situation that could really damage your relationship with him/her. When you talk to your roommate about the issue, stay calm and non-judgemental; they’re never going to admit they’ve been taking your snacks if they feel attacked. Focusing on the affordability concern (instead of their rudeness) is a good way to do this.
Another option is to never mention your snack-thief suspicions to him/her, but suggest that the two of you share/split groceries. Alternatively, you could hide your food, but this seems like a sad way to live in your own home. It’s best to just talk to your roommate about your concerns! Communication is very important!
I hope this helps! Good luck!