Connection Cafe - Class of 2021: Start Getting to Know Classmates

August 11, 2017

Go on Facebook and Start Getting to Know Classmates

Hey all!

College is just around the corner!  I cannot believe how fast it is approaching. I hope you all are a part of your class’s Facebook page (if you aren’t, then go join it RIGHT NOW)! The notifications might be poring in from fellow students and it might seem a little much; however, I want you to focus on being active on the Facebook Group Page starting today!

 Here are things you can do based on your comfort level:

LOW: If your confidence level is low and you do not feel comfortable putting yourself out there, I want you to simply comment on peoples’ posts. Questions could be something like: “Where is everyone from?” or “What dorm are people staying at next year?” or “Is anyone interested in playing soccer up at Cal?” This is a great way to find people you have some similarities with/follow-up on posts that may involve you.

 MEDIUM: If you are semi-confident, then take the initiative to post in the Facebook Group! It can be one of the questions I stated above.

 HIGH: If you are extremely confident, then write an entire post describing yourself! I had friends who inserted lengthy posts onto the Facebook page when they were about to start their Cal experience. State your name, where you are from, what you plan on majoring in at Cal, what you are interested in, and EVERYTHING else you want to share with your new class. In fact, you can even include a picture with this post - give your classmates a face to the person you just described.

***Additional advice: I recommend mentioning how excited you are to meet everyone and to make sure they say “HI!” to you when they see you around campus. This makes you seem very approachable and friendly!

 Hope this post helps!