Connection Cafe - Am I Too Stressed to Dress Up and Look Good?

March 11, 2014

I’ve been so stressed this semester that I haven’t been feeling much like a girl, as in dressing up a bit, putting on some make-up, or doing my hair. I don’t understand how others can keep up with all that despite being in the middle of midterm season. I feel really gross since I don’t really care about what I wear or how I look. How can I find a balance?

I actually have the same struggles as you do during midterm season. Here are some things I realized about dressing up: it’s mostly for yourself. Unless your makeup and hair is dramatically different, most people won’t notice if your hair is slightly messier or your eye liner is less perfect than normal. The point I’m trying to get as it that most people won’t notice these slight details as much as you do. However, if you’re not comfortable not dressing up, here are a few practical advice I have found pretty helpful to maintain yourself with less time. One thing you can do is to have articles of clothing that goes well with anything. I love black jackets, because I feel like it goes with everything so I can spend less time thinking about matching. Another thing you can do is to use hair accessories. Tying your hair in a pony tail or wearing a cute beanie can allow you to spend less time on your hair. Finally, multitasking. I usually put on makeup while I’m waiting for my eggs to cook or my bread to toast (just be close by so you can keep an eye on it.) Whether it is choosing to be comfortable with not dressing up, or finding alternatives to speeding up the process, I hope this helps. Best of luck, darling. –Jami

I totally understand how you feel. There are days you just want to wear sweatpants out along with a hoodie because it takes less effort and is more comfortable. However, I have felt the way you do and what I suggest doing is thinking about what clothes you want to wear the night before and setting everything out. Then in the morning, it will be less of a rush and you won’t have to dig out hair appliances or make-up products. In addition, I dedicate the weekends to putting more effort in and dressing up. Personally, it helps me feel more confident if I look the way I want and with confidence comes a confidence in academics. Also, make-up doesn’t need to take too long and with practices, comes speed. You will be a fashionista in no time! Love- Rowena