Close Friends Don't Talk Anymore?

May 12, 2017

I just don’t understand. I was close friends with someone last year, and now we don’t even talk anymore. How can two people share so many wonderful memories and disappear the next? Should I try to reconnect with this person or would that be awkward? 

Hello, I don’t know the specific details of your relationship with this person, but generally I think we’ve all been there. Having that new wave of excitement wash over us as we find someone we have common interests with and want to spend a lot of time with when suddenly you “lose” that person. A lot of people have told

me that when it happens, you have to just accept it and move on, but to me that’s a quick defense mechanism; a way of putting your guard up and saving yourself the trouble of not having to think about why things went bitter with certain people. Certainly it works for some people, but not necessarily for everyone. In my opinion, if you really care about certain people, you’ll always find a way to make time for them or at least gently tell them you’re busy and will make it a point to catch up soon. Try reaching out to that person if it means that much to you because sometimes, you never know! Maybe he or she is also wondering why you two aren’t close anymore. Communication is key! :)