Move-in COVID-19 Testing Information

Required Move-in COVID-19 Testing Information

The information below is for those in undergraduate single student housing.  You will need to be tested before you can check-in or gain access to your residence hall. After you have been tested, you will receive a testing confirmation slip that you will need in order to check into your housing unit. 

Asymptomatic testing will be done at the beginning and end of the initial one week sequestration period and is paid for by the university as part of the campus’ public health and safety measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

How to schedule your COVID-19 move-in and follow-up test appointment

After your one week sequestration period, you need to schedule a follow-up test.

The appointment system will be open on Tuesday, August 25 for follow-up appointments

Please follow this schedule when making your follow-up appointments:

  • 1st test on Thursday, August 20 -- make your follow-up appointment on Thursday, August 27
  • 1st test on Friday, August 21 -- make your follow-up appointment on Friday, August 28
  • 1st test on Saturday, August 22 -- make your follow-up appointment on Monday, August 31
  • 1st test on Sunday, August 23 -- make your follow-up appointment on Tuesday, September 1

Please note the testing station hours are 8:30am - 3:00pm

Log-in to eTang to book your move-in test:

log in to etang patient portal

How to find more dates for appointments on the eTang portal

etang showing more dates button the side
etang showing date picker

Where to go for your COVID-19 move-in test

When you arrive on campus, go directly to the University Health Services COVID-19 Move-In testing station, which will be located outdoors in the Bancroft/Fulton parking lot (next to the Legends Aquatic Center). The testing station will be open 8:30am–3:00pm on testing days.

Please note: Only students will be allowed in waiting lines for testing, so your family and friends will need to wait for you away from the line.

Parking during your testing appointment: A short-term “waiting zone” parking area will be available nearby at 2211 Bancroft Way, across the street from the Move-in testing station. Your helpers are asked to wait at your car or vehicle during your testing time, as only students will be allowed in the testing area. 

What to expect at your COVID-19 test

  • Please remember to wear your face mask at all times, until instructed to remove it for the test. Cloth coverings are fine but they MUST cover both nose and mouth.
  • When you register, you will be asked to share your appointment barcode.
  • You will be taking an FDA approved self-administered nasal swab test.  There will be clinical staff there to assist you with this process.
  • After your test, you will recieve a testing confirmation slip that you can present during your move-in process.  For additional move-in instructional information see

FAQ on move-in testing

Q: What if I just got tested at home, or want to get tested elsewhere? 

A: Other tests will not be accepted for the required move-in program.

Q: What if I have symptoms? 

A: When you schedule your test, you will be asked whether you have any symptoms or have recently been in close contact with a case of COVID-19.  If yes, we will expedite your testing separately and will work to ensure your safe move-in to campus housing.  Please be truthful to avoid inadvertently bringing COVID to the dorms.  If you develop symptoms later, please let us know on arrival, before you enter the testing area.