Insurance After Graduation

Whether you are graduating or leaving the University for a period of time, it is important to think about your insurance options. Please review our Post-Graduation or Leave Insurance Tips for information on deadlines and resources to transition your health insurance.

Please note, effective Fall 2018, SHIP is only available to registered students, dependents, and those on Filing Fee, approved temporary medical withdrawal, or pregnancy leave. Berkeley SHIP is no longer available for an extra semester post-graduation.

When your SHIP term ends (December 31 for Fall term and July 31 for Spring term), you should become eligibile for a special 60-day period to enroll in Covered California or Medi-Cal. The ending of SHIP is considered a qualifying event that opens a special enrollment period for you on Covered California. To learn more about your options on Covered California and Medi-Cal or to find an insurance navigator to assist you with Covered California, please visit the Covered California site. Please note, this is an external website.