Enrollment Holds for Non-Compliance COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

What to do if you have an enrollment hold for the COVID-19 vaccine requirement?

If you got an enrollment hold for the COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements, below are the steps to take to get the hold lifted. Please review the information below and on the COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements page before contacting UHS.

 Once your COVID-19 vaccine records have been uploaded and dose type/date have been entered on the Medical Clearances page, holds will lift automatically overnight. We are not able to lift the holds any faster. 

How can I tell whether I have an enrollment hold due to the COVID-19 requirement or something else?

  1. Log into your CalCentral account and navigate to the My Academics page. 

  2. Check the “Status and Holds” section to see if there are any active holds on your account. If so, this section will tell you what the enrollment hold is for.

I already entered my COVID-19 vaccine information on eTang but it shows I am not cleared:

  1. Log into eTang, go to the Medical Clearances page and double check the COVID-19 Vaccine line has a Green Checkmark and the word "Compliant" under Status.
  2. If it does not, follow the instructions below and double check that you have both uploaded a vaccine record correctly entered the date and type of vaccine on the line for COVID-19 Vaccine.
  3. Once you correct the information, it may take 24 hours to update and clear the hold, we are not able to lift holds any faster.

I received my vaccine, but I haven’t uploaded my records yet:

Follow instructions for uploading your vaccine information into eTang:

  1. On the Medical Clearances page, click the green "Update" button next on the line for COVID-19 Vaccine.

  2. Click Upload under COVID-19 Vaccination Card Upload to add a copy of your COVID-19 immunization record.

  3. Click Add Immunization under COVID-19 Vaccine History.

  4. Enter the vaccine date under Date. Please enter your dates carefully to match your vaccine card exactly (make sure you enter the correct year, 2021 or 2022).

  5. Select the vaccine type under Immunization. If you received Covishield, please select AstraZeneca from the dropdown menu.

  6. Click Save

  7. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for all COVID-19 Vaccines received, including boosters

  8. Click Done when you have finished entering all vaccination dates.

  9. If your COVID-19 Clearance does not have a Green Checkmark  and the word "Compliant" under Status, please check that you have entered the dates correctly.

  10. Once your COVID-19 Clearance has a Green Checkmark  and the word "Compliant" under Status, your record will update and lift the enrollment hold within 24 hours. We are not able to lift holds any faster.

If I tested positive for COVID within the past 90 days, how can I get a 90-day deferral for the booster?

  1. If you tested positive within the last 90 days, you should submit a copy of your positive test to the COVID-19 Response Team via eTang

    1. Log into eTang and go to Messages. Select ‘New Message’, then choose the option to contact the COVID Response Team/Report a positive COVID test result and follow the prompts. 

  2. Once the COVID-19 Response Team has processed your submission, you will get an automatic 90-day deferral from the booster requirement.

  3. When the 90-day deferral is up, you will automatically get an enrollment hold unless you have uploaded/submitted your booster information.

Once I have taken the appropriate action, how long does it take for the enrollment hold to lift so I can register for classes?

Once you have taken actions (gotten a booster and uploaded correctly to eTang or gotten an approved exemption), the hold should lift within 24 hours.  Please do not reach out to UHS to see about getting the hold lifted sooner, we cannot accommodate these requests. 

When to contact TB/Immunization Team via etang?

We are not able to lift holds any faster, please allow the 24 hours for your records to update.  If it has been AT LEAST 24 hours since you completed ALL of the steps above and your enrollment hold has not been lifted, please contact the TB/Immunization team via the eTang portal for assistance. Note that we are not able to receive phone calls at this time, so sending a message via eTang is the best way to reach us.