Benefits and Payroll


The coordinator in the deceased individual's department should help beneficiaries and survivors contact the Human Resources Benefits Unit, which can advise them on how to access all of the benefits to which they may be entitled.

The HR Benefits Unit can assist the family of any campus employee who is paid through the payroll department. In order to process the benefits, the HR Benefits Unit needs the following information in addition to the death report:

  • Employee's social security number
  • Last day worked
  • Employee's status at time of death (i.e.: actively at work, leave without pay, etc.)
  • Next of kin (Names, addresses, phone numbers, SSNs and birth dates of spouse/and/or dependent children.) If none, HR needs name, relationship, address and phone number of next of kin.
  • Beneficiary will be requested to complete a survivor questionnaire and provide an original certified copy of the death certificate to the HR Benefits Unit.

phone: (510) 643-7546
fax: (510) 643-6856
Contact the Survivor Assistance staff in Human Resources
mail code: 4204

Possible Benefits:

There is a wide range of benefits for which beneficiaries and survivors may be eligible. Eligibility factors include: the employment and/or student status of the deceased, benefits in which they were automatically enrolled by virtue of their position, benefits in which they chose to be enrolled, beneficiaries named, family members who may be entitled to automatic survivor benefits, and applicable university, state and federal rules and regulations. The following is a list of possible benefits which may or may not be payable, depending on those factors.

  • Employer-paid life insurance. NOTE: Career BELI 1 employees have UC-paid career life ($50,000 maximum). Non-Career (BELI 2,3,4) employees have a $5,000 CORE life policy. Life insurance benefits are usually available several weeks after death certificate is provided.
  • Employee-paid life insurance.
  • One-month salary equivalent benefit (OME). NOTE: The OME is for employees who have worked 50 percent or more for six months or longer. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. This benefit can be paid out immediately if there is a spouse. Otherwise, OME and any earned salary/vacation leave cannot be paid out for at least 40 days after employee's death.
  • Any earned salary and/or vacation leave due the deceased employee
  • Accidental death & dismemberment insurance
  • COBRA health insurance continuation for survivors
  • Death benefit payable by the applicable retirement system
  • Defined Contribution Plan Account (DCP)
  • Tax Deferred 403(b) Plan Account
  • Capital Accumulations Provision account (CAP)
  • Survivor benefit (pre-retirement survivor income or post retirement survivor income) payable by the retirement system
  • If eligible for monthly survivor benefit, may be eligible for continued UC medical and dental plan continuation


If the person is paid on positive time reporting, do not submit payroll timesheets directly to the payroll office because they will generate payment to the deceased. The university's legal obligation is to pay the appropriate beneficiary, and this must be done outside of the payroll system. Please prepare the timesheet and mail it to Payroll, 171 University Hall.

  • There is one month equivalent payment and the charge for it will be on the distribution of payroll expense report.
  • If the department has a check that has not been given to the deceased, or if the deceased did not cash a check prior to his or her death, it should be returned to Payroll.
  • Please include the last day that the deceased actually worked. This expedites preparation of the life insurance claim form.

phone: (510) 642-9875
fax: (510) 643-9339
mail code: 1104