Guidance for handling the death of a person in an Academic position

For use with all academics except students and postdocs/visiting scholars

Reporting a death

  • A campus member may hear of a death through a variety of sources: friend, family, another student, the news, obituary, police (UC, city, state...) etc.
  • Campus member then contacts the faculty member's department head/chair(or designee) or Chancellor's Immediate Office. These two offices are responsible for notifying each other.
  • In case of an on-campus death or during non-business hours call UCPD first as an emergency call by calling 9-1-1 on campus. 
  • If the cause of death may be work-related, call Environment, Health & Safetyimmediately at 510-643-9575 for CAL-OSHA reporting and investigation.

Following the notification of a staff member's death:

  • Submit the online death report.
  • HR Partner will sibmit an inquiry to UC Path regarding the passing of the employee.
  • Contact Employee Assistance for consultation in addressing the needs of staff, faculty, students and family affected, if needed.