Campus Memorial

Photo of bagpipe player at campus memorial next to wreath of yellow and purple flowers

UC Berkeley held its annual memorial recognizing those in the campus community who have died, including, faculty/academics, staff, students, post-doctorates, visiting scholars, and emeriti.

The event took place on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 from 12-1pm at the flagpole west of California Hall.

All were invited to attend the event which included brief remarks by the Chancellor, and a reading of the names of those who were being remembered, followed by music and spoken word. The ceremony concluded with the placement of personal tokens at the memorial site. Those present were welcome to bring a flower, ribbon or other memento.

In coming together to remember and to honor the lives of the deceased, we reach out to our many colleagues and friends who have suffered loss, and we share in a universal human experience. The ceremony symbolizes the care and support that distinguishes the Berkeley community.

Those to were remembered this year are listed below.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact memorial organizers at

Academic & Faculty

Richard Andersen, Chemistry
Ellis Avery, English
Edwin Dobb, Journalism
Paul Emery, Extension
Sally Floyd, International Computer Science Institute
Craig Hisaka, Optometry
Jean Paul Jacob, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Special Advisor to CITRIS
Joseph Kott, Institute of Transportation Studies


Diana Baumrind, Psychology
Elwyn Berlekamp, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Ariel Bloch, Near Eastern Studies
Geoffrey Chew, Physics
Heinz Cordes, Mathematics
Susan Ervin-Tripp, Psychology
Donald Friedman, English
Alfred Glassgold, Astronomy
A. James Gregor, Political Science
Leo Helzel, Haas School of Business
Joanne Ikeda, Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology
Jack Kirsch, Molecular & Cell Biology, and Chemistry
Charles Kittel, Physics
Povindar Mehta, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Raymond Miles, Haas School of Business
Anthony Newcomb, Letters & Science, and Arts & Humanities, and Music
Roberta Park, Physical Education
Norman E. Phillips, Chemistry
John Polt, Spanish and Portuguese
Frederick Reif, Physics
Gene Rochlin, Energy & Resources Group
Mark Rubinstein, Haas School of Business
Peter Selz, Art History, and BAMPFA
Jerome R. Singer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, and Biophysics
John M. Smith, History
Charles Stone, Statistics
Barry Stroud, Philosophy
Dennis Teeguarden, Forestry & Resource Management
Eyvind Wichmann, Physics 
Olly Wilson, Music
Leon Wofsy, Molecular & Cell Biology
Karl E. Zimmer, Social Sciences and Linguistics



Tom Boot, Engineering Research Support Organization
Ellen Borrowman, Political Science
Nicole Boyd, Letters & Science
Carroll Brentano, History
Lynda Salter Chenoweth, Management Analysis Group
Gerald W. Ford, Botanical Garden
Brad Fuchs, Molecular & Cell Biology and Campus Shared Services
James Gatke, Office of Laboratory Animal Care
Brian Gialketsis, Student Environmental Resource Center
Harriet Harris, Student Affairs
Carolyn Hartsough, Graduate School of Education
Glen Jackson, Research Information
Daniel Jong, Financial Services
Peter Lake, UCPD
Jennifer Morales, Supply Chain Management
Tomo O'Brien, Student Affairs
Nicholas O'Connor, Chemistry
Esther Omi Olsen, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
Suzanne Pierce, Chemistry
Robert Sholtz, Optometry
Cynthia Turner, University Health Services
Julia Voorhies, University Relations
Michael Weinberger, Recreational Sports
Ann Weisser, Athletics
Pauline Berryman Wesley, Library
Antoinette Whittle-Ciprazo, African American Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, and Ethnic Studies
Jose Zavaleta, Graduate School of Education

Visiting Scholar

Martin Drahmann, Graduate School of Education

Graduate Students

Pablo Kusulas, Law
Wei Tan, Engineering

Undergraduate Students

Jessica Christie, English
Lauren Kuchman, Letters & Science
Daniel Leahy, Computer Science
Sei Won Lim, Natural Resources
Sebastian Rodrigues, Economics
Matthew Truong, Mathematics
Bryce Turner, Letters & Science
Colin Um, Engineering
Ruixuan (Linda) Yang, Letters & Science
James Zhu, Letters & Science

Campus Memorial 2019

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