Campus Memorial

Photo of bagpipe player at campus memorial next to wreath of yellow and purple flowers

UC Berkeley held its annual memorial recognizing those in the campus community who died, including, academic & faculty, emerti, staff, students, post-doctorates, and visiting scholars, on  Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 12 noon by the flagpole west of California Hall.

All were invited to attend this event which included brief remarks by the Chancellor, and a reading of the names of those being remembered, followed by music and spoken word. 

In coming together to remember and to honor the lives of the deceased, we reach out to our many colleagues and friends who have suffered loss, as we share in a universal human experience. The ceremony symbolizes the care and support that distinguishes the Berkeley community.

Those who were remembered at this years Campus Memorial are listed below.

Photo Gallery of the 2021 UC Berkeley Campus Memorial by Keegan Houser. 

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact memorial organizers at

Academic & Faculty

Shiferaw Assefa, African American Studies

Joseph Myers, Ethnic Studies/Native American Studies Program and the Joseph A. Myers Center for Research on Native American Issues

Marla Plecha, Optometry

Bruce Smith, Psychology


Anthony J. Adams, Optometry

Clinton Edward Ballou, Molecular and Cell Biology

Stephen Booth, Arts and Humanities / English

Richard Calendar, Molecular and Cell Biology

Leopoldo Caltagirone, Environmental Science, Policy and Management

William A. Clemens Jr., Integrative Biology

Edwin Dugger, Music

Norma Evenson, Architectural History

Hardy T. Frye, African American Studies

Alexander Glazer, Molecular and Cell Biology

Leo A. Goodman, Sociology & Statistics

David Jenkins,  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Vaughan Jones, Mathematics

Elihau Jury, EECS

Ralph Kramer, Social Welfare

John Kriken, Urban Design

James L. Larson, Department of Scandinavian

Leon F. Litwack, Social Sciences & History

Robert Macey, Molecular and Cell Biology

Alaa Mansour, Mechanical Engineering

John McNulty, Law

Robert Middlekauff, History

Stephen Miller, Ancient Greek and Roman Studies

Donald Olander, Nuclear Engineering

Richard C. Peters, Environmental Design

 Jean-Pierre Protzen, Environmental Design

Robert Pruger, Social Welfare

Paul Rabinow, Anthropology

Irwin Scheiner, Social Sciences & History

Nilabh Shastri, Molecular and Cell Biology

David Shirley, Chemistry

Arthur Shimamura,  Social Sciences & Psychology

Isadore Singer, Mathematics

George Strauss, Haas School of Business

Leslie Threatte, Classics

Martin Wachs, Civil and Environmental Engineering; City and Regional Planning

David Wake,  Integrative Biology

Luther "Tim" Wallace, Agricultural & Resource Economics

Michael Williams, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Lucas Horan, Molecular and Cell Biology


Raul Abesamis, Facilities Services

C. Richard Crawford, Athletics

Steve Garcia, Letters and Science

Gary Kelson, Wireless Research Center

Richard Jensen, Mechanical Engineering

Robert "Bob" Lesch, Molecular and Cell Biology

James Lockie-Brown, Engineering

Silvester McBride, Facilities Services

Judey Miller, Astronomy

Nancy Turner Park, Chancellor's Office

Richard "rikki" Shackelford, Lawrence Hall of Science and the Space Sciences Laboratory

Marilyn Seid-Rabinow, Graduate Division

Sylvia Snow, Facilities Services

Geraldine F. "Jerry" Swanson, Berkeley Regional Services

Ross Urrere, Optometry

Graduate Students

Elizabeth Bird, Film and Media

Sam Dubal, Anthropology

Nadeem Farooqi, Haas School of Business

Wenbo Ji, Materials Science

Graham Summerwill Flitz, School of Public Health

Undergraduate Students

Marc Castel Dickenson, Comparative Literature

Coco Chan, Letters and Science

Rachael Deng, School of Public Health

Alexander Denny, English

Joseph Im, Mechanical Engineering

Janeen Irving, African American Studies

Zoë Rogers, Letters and Science

Ivan Stepkin, Psychology & Molecular Cell Biology

Keana Werlen, Natural Resources

Campus Memorial 2021

UC Berkeley Campus Memorial 2021