Surveillance Testing - Badge System

Testing Badge System on eTang Portal Home Page

What is it called?

On eTang, you'll notice it will say "Your Quarantine Status." Although it is called "Quarantine Status", it is a system for tracking COVID-19 testing requiments.

What is it for?

This tool in eTang tracks your testing requirements set by campus public health guidelines and will signal a color based on if you are current with the testing.

Please see campus surveillance testing requirements for fully vaccinated faculty, staff, and students.

  • You’re considered fully vaccinated 14 days after your final vaccine dose. 
  • In order to be compliant with the campus requirements to have a green campus access badge, and for your testing badge to reflect these new requirements, you must have had at least one UHS COVID test through a campus testing site, and outside vaccination must be documented in eTang. Once you come in for one surveillance test, UHS can change your testing badge status when you are fully vaccinated. 
  • Currently, the UHS testing badge will stay green (cleared) for 180 days from the date you were considered fully vaccinated (14 days from the final vaccine dose).  Those who may be reaching that 180-day mark will get a secure message via eTang 2 weeks before the 180 days are up, letting you know you will need to take another surveillance test within (and not before) the 2-week timeframe to then have your testing badge be green (cleared) again for another 90 days.  Be on the lookout for the secure message or check your testing badge to see when yours is set to expire and make a testing appointment within the 2-week timeframe before it expires. After you have tested, your testing badge will update overnight.

If you enter outside vaccine information into eTang, it will update your badge status overnight based on the information you entered.  Please make sure to carefully enter the dates.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my testing badge status?

Please send a message to the COVID Response Team via eTang for the quickest response to your question. If you’ve received a message from the COVID Response Team, you can reply directly to that message. We aim to respond to your message within 24 hours. 

Where do I find it?

When you log into eTang, your home page will now display the option to see a color-coded testing badge that indicates if you are up to date with your COVID-19 testing. Hit the "Show Badge"

Badge button on eTang for COVID Surveillance Testing

What do Each of the Colors Mean?

Blue Badge

Blue Badge on eTang for COVID Surveillance Testing

Blue Badge - means that the tracking function of this tool is turned off and nothing is being tracked.

Green Badge

Green Badge on eTang for COVID Surveillance Testing

Green Badge - means the testing tracking function is on and testing is current.

Yellow Badge

Yellow Badge on eTang for COVID Surveillance Testing

Yellow Badge - means the testing tracking function is on and indicates testing is not current.  Currently this matters for those that are living on campus or where it is part of a program requirement to be in campus.  

Note: the badge turns to green as soon as the test sample is scanned into our system.

Orange Badge

Orange Badge on eTang for COVID Surveillance Testing

Orange Badge - means a person has been put in quarantine by the UHS Contact Tracing Team. 

Red Badge

Red Badge on eTang for COVID Surveillance Testing

Red Badge - means the person tested positive or are in isolation pending evaluation for COVID by UHS.