2022 Spring Move-in COVID-19 Testing Information

COVID-19 Testing inside the RSF - Image of Lined up table stations

Required Move-in COVID-19 Testing Information

All new residents of campus housing (those moving in for the first time) are required to do a University Health Services (UHS) Move-in COVID-19 test on their Move-In Day prior to getting keys and checking in. Continuing residents (those who moved in during the fall semester) are required to test either on their arrival day in January or the first-day UHS testing sites are open after arrival.
After move-in, campus housing residents are required to test monthly (weekly for unvaccinated students).

Testing requirements

In order to check in to your housing unit and get your keys, you must show proof that you have taken a UHS Move-in COVID-19 test. 

  • Only UHS tests are acceptable for Move-in. COVID-19 tests from other organizations will not be accepted. There is no cost to you for UHS testing. 

  • You must get tested on the same day that you move in. Even if you have taken a UHS COVID test on another day, and even if you have a green badge in the UC Berkeley mobile app, you still have to take a Move-in COVID-19 test from UHS on your Move-in day. 

  • You must make an appointment in advance for your test. See instructions below.

Plan to schedule your test for 1-2 hours before Move-in

You should schedule your test for one to two hours before your one-hour time slot on your Move-in day. You should have already received an email with your assigned Move-in day, and selected your one-hour move-in time slot. 

Testing will be available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on your Move-in day at the following location: 

How to book a Move-in COVID-19 test

  Log in to eTang to book your move-in test:

log in to etang patient portal