Accessing UHS Services

What if I am sick:

People who have a fever (>100.3F), cough or shortness of breath should stay home, put on a (paper) mask if available, and call their healthcare provider for advice. 

  • Students should call the UHS Nurse Advice Line immediately at (510) 643-7197 for further guidance. 

This does NOT necessarily mean you have coronavirus, but it means you should put on a mask and get assessed ASAP; if you have influenza, we can also offer treatment.  Strict CDC guidelines determine who can be tested for coronavirus; these are updated regularly as the situation evolves.

People with milder, nonspecific symptoms such as nasal congestion or mild cough without fever should, as always, practice good hand hygiene and self-care, avoid close contact with other people, consider wearing a paper mask, and watch for worsening symptoms.

UHS continues to see many individuals with influenza and people with milder respiratory symptoms concerned about coronavirus.  Please be reminded that these infections are prevalent in our community at this time, as is common this time of year. The best protection is handwashing (hand sanitizer works too!) and vaccination (for the flu), and please do stay home if you are ill.


Accessing services and appointments at UHS:

During this time, we may need to limit some non-urgent or non-timely appointments to better serve and provide care to those who may need it as well as to avoid having others come into the Tang Center to help limit any potential exposure.

Please see our UHS operations page for the latest information for our hours and services.

Making Appointments:

  • To make a same-day medical phone appointments:

    • Use the eTang online appointment scheduling

    • We recommend that you start with a phone appointment with one of our providers

    • If you need to speak to the advice nurse call (510) 643-7197

  • Counseling and Psychological Services call (510) 642-9494
  • Social Services call 510-642-6074
  • Health Coaching email sends e-mail)
  • TB & Immunization Program send a secure message through the portal

Reminder for Phone and Virtual Appointments:

  • Make sure your current contact information is updated on your etang profile.
  • Once you have booked a phone appointment, the provider will contact you, note that it will be from a blocked or unknown number and the provider may contact you 15 min before or up to 30 min after your scheduled appointment.

eTang Self-Service options that are currently unavailable:

  • STI screening
  • UTI testing
  • Pregnancy testing
  • TB tests

If you feel you need one of these tests, please call (510) 642-2000.


Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Please see our SHIP Updates page for the last on using your insurance and accessing care from where ever you are.

Given the unique situation that continues to evolve around the coronavirus, effective March 16, students with SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan)  are no longer required to seek a referral from University Health Services before accessing care. The referral exception will remain in place until further notice. For more information, see how to use SHIP.