How to Make a Report of Sexual Harassment and Notice of Nondiscrimination

How to Make a Report of Sexual Harassment and Notice of Nondiscrimination 

University of California Notice of Nondiscrimination 

The University of California and UC Berkeley University Health Services are committed to the principle of treating each community member with respect and dignity.  

Across all of its locations, including clinical settings, the University prohibits discrimination and harassment (including sexual assault and other forms of sexual harassment). UC Berkeley University Health Services provides equal opportunities for all patients, applicants, employees, faculty, and students regardless of sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or other legally protected characteristics. For more on the University’s commitment to integrity, accountability and respect for all members of our community, please see the University’s Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct, and the Non-Discrimination Statement.

Patient Reporting 

Patients - How to Report Sexual Harassment 

If you have experienced sexual harassment, please report it. To speak with a Title IX officer, please call 510-643-7985. You may also email us at: ask_ophd@berkeley.eduThe University reviews all reports of sexual harassment in accordance with the University’s Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policyand other applicable policies. 

The UC Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination/ Title IX Office tries to protect people’s privacy, while also fulfilling its obligations to respond appropriately to all reports it receives. In some situations, certain laws and University policies may require disclosure of reports to others, such as other University officials, licensing boards, law enforcement, or other agencies. 

If you are unsure if you want to file a report, we recommend contacting one of the following confidential resources first for advice and support: 

    • Urgent 24/7 Support, call the Care Line: 510-643-2005
    • For appointments, call the office: 510-642-1988
  • Path to Care is an affirming, empowering, confidential support for those who have experienced sexual harassment, emotional abuse, dating and   intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sexual exploitation. Advocates bring a non-judgmental, caring approach to exploring options, rights, and resources. PATH to Care can offer referrals and assistance in a number of areas, including medical care, safety planning, emotional support, academic accommodations, and reporting.

This office is not required to report instances of sexual harassment to the University.  

See additional reporting options available to you. 

To Provide General Feedback about your Patient Care Experience: 

UC Berkeley University Health Services cares about your overall experience. To provide general feedback about your visit or experience with a UC Berkeley University Health Services provider, or to communicate any complaint about unprofessional conduct, please submit feedback here

To Obtain Your Medical Records 

You may obtain a copy of your medical records in person or by mail. For detailed instructions, visit the UC Berkeley University Health Services Health Records page.

For Language, Hearing, and Visual Access Assistance 

University Health Services has contracted with Language Line® Personal Interpreter Service to provide over-the-phone interpretation services on-demand. 

How to Connect to Interpreter Service:

  1. To connect to an interpreter, dial  9-1-866-874-3972
  2. At the prompt, enter the client ID number:  598135

University Health Services has also contracted with Bay Area Communication Access (BACA) for sign language services.

  1. To arrange for sign language interpretation services, call BACA at 415-356-0405.
  2. Provide the PO number: BB0097266 (BB is followed by number 0, not letter O).

Reporting Obligations of UC Personnel 

All University employees are responsible for creating and maintaining the safe, supportive and respectful environment that our patients and colleagues expect and deserve. Additionally, under some circumstances, UC Berkeley University Health Services faculty and staff members are required by University policy to immediately report possible sexual harassment to the Title IX office. Even those who are not subject to a mandate are urged to immediately report information regarding possible sexual harassment directly to the Title IX office or anonymously to the compliance hotline. Get more information about your responsibility to report sexual harassment as a member of the UC community.