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Taking a Public Health course is a thought-provoking way to learn about health while also earning academic credit.

Whether you want to learn more about particular health topics or are exploring a career in public health, we have classes that will hone your critical thinking skills and underscore the power of prevention in health care.

Academic Courses

Health Promotion staff serve as instructors of several general enrollment courses for Cal students. Below are courses we have offered in recent years; see...

Pet Hugs

Pet Hugs brings therapy dogs to campus to positively impact mood, stress and connection for students, staff and faculty.

In partnership with the Animal Rescue Foundation, UHS coordinates a Pet Hugs event once a month. Popular with many students and campus and community members, we have overheard comments like:

"My day just got better." "I've been so stressed out. I feel a lot better now." "I miss my dog so much. I love being able to pet this puppy."

If you missed an event, get a...


Recent policy changes in a number of states legalizing cannabis for medical and/or recreational use suggest a shift in societal attitudes and perceptions around cannabis. University Health Services takes a harm reduction approach to all substance use, including cannabis. See this Cannabis handout for more information.

Policy and Legality

In November 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64 legalizing recreational use...

Let’s Talk About Consent

Stop Sexual Violence banner Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

The campus Survivor Support website provides information on how to get help, how to report, how to support a survivor, and prevention efforts.


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Reach us in-person, by phone or email or through social media.

About Health Promotion

Vision Statement

To inspire the UC Berkeley campus community to wholeheartedly and unapologetically strive for an environment of optimal health, wellness, and belonging.

Mission Statement

We put health first. We promote a campus environment that supports the ability to thrive physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. We educate and advocate for optimal health, from personal wellness improvement to institutional and policy change.

We make health visible. We make connections between health and...

Prescription Stimulants and Health

The misuse of prescription stimulants (e.g. Adderall©, Ritalin©) in the college population has received an increase in media coverage. Picture of prescription drug bottles

Although students tend to minimize the threats to health posed by this behavior, the reality is that there is a risk of adverse side...


Professional health educators and student volunteers deliver a broad range of free services to the campus community. collapse all expand all Consultation & Training

We bring health promotion expertise to campus and community colleagues around critical student health issues, both individually and through key campus committees, such as:...


We want less drama and problems related to alcohol.

We need to publicly advocate for a party culture that is world class. We want to make it obvious to any student attending a Berkeley party that we keep it social - not slurred - and that health and safety are top priority if problems arise.

Why #OurHouse?

During Fall 2014, the UC Berkeley community suffered too many alcohol and party-related problems, including three student deaths and multiple hospital transports, injuries and public nuisance violations. This is unacceptable for a world class...