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Health Promotion

The UHS Health Promotion team promotes a campus environment that supports the ability to thrive physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

jennifer guerra

Jennifer Guerra

Health Educator

Jen is a certified holistic health coach & educator. She holds an MA in Health Education from John F. Kennedy and a BS in Business Marketing from Chapman University as well as...


Have a fun night with fewer problems related to alcohol.

We need to publicly advocate for a party culture that is world class. We want to make it obvious to any student attending a Berkeley party that we keep it social - not slurred - and that health and safety are a top priority if problems arise.

Why #OurHouse?

During the Fall of 2014, the UC Berkeley community suffered too many alcohol and party-related problems, including three student deaths and multiple hospital transports, injuries, and public nuisance violations. This is unacceptable for a...

Health Promotion Services

Professional health educators and student volunteers deliver a broad range of free services to the campus community. collapse all expand all Consultation & Training

We bring health promotion expertise to campus and community colleagues around critical student health issues, both individually and through key campus committees, such as:...

Health Coaching

Health coaches support you through the process of defining and achieving your health and wellness goals by creating a sustainable and achievable action plan. Please be advised that coaching sessions are not a substitute for medical appointments. Coaches cannot diagnose or treat medical issues, or authorize medical tests. More than one visit is possible.


Recent policy changes in a number of states legalizing cannabis for medical and/or recreational use suggest a shift in societal attitudes and perceptions around cannabis. University Health Services takes a harm reduction approach to all substance use, including cannabis.

Cannabis Harm Reduction

If you are considering using cannabis, here are some tips that you can use to reduce your risk of harm and bad experiences:

Avoid cannabis smoke if possible. Cannabis smoke contains tar and toxins. The safest choice is to use a vaporizer. Take shallow puffs, not deep...

Refresh for Finals: RRR Week Tips

During Reading/Review/Recitation (RRR) Week add a 4th "R" for Refresh.

Volunteer Opportunity: Love Cafe

September 13, 2016

Do you love giving advice? Have you always wanted to use your own experience to help others? Are you interested in honing your research skills to provide inclusive perspectives to people seeking guidance? The Love Cafe at Cal is looking for three volunteers to provide solid, thoughtful advice to anonymous readers about relationships. The Love Cafe is the perfect blend of talk about everything- from advice, articles, and information on friends, family, and flings.


Approximately 2 hours of volunteering each week (remote working acceptable). Selected volunteers are...

Is student alcohol use on the rise?

October 17, 2016

Did you see last week's Berkeleyside article about the rise in alcohol abuse statistics at Cal?

This article states that according to statistics, alcohol abuse is increasing at UC Berkeley. The impression that gives is that UC Berkeley's alcohol problem is essentially getting worse and more students are experiencing alcohol-related problems. Whereas the number of alcohol-related incidents reported by the...

Health Worker Program Recruitment

August 18, 2016

Are you a resident at Units 2, 3, or 4 and interested in a unique chance to engage with a community of passionate peers in various health issues relevant to college students? Apply to be a Health Worker and make an impact on the well-being of your fellow Bears in your residential community! Contact Karen Hughes at or call (510) 643-9073.

Find out more about the Health Worker Program...