Public Service Announcements

UC Berkeley Public Service Announcements (PSAs) seek to educate students on mental and physical health related issues that affect their day-to-day lives. Videos highlight the many resources that UC Berkeley can provide to help with these issues. 

UC Berkeley Stress Management PSA

Stress Management PSA

Don't let your stress manage you! Being constantly stressed out isn't healthy or constructive. Here are some coping methods that will help you lead a more stress-free and productive lifestyle. University Health Services can help!

UC Berkeley - Bystander PSA

Bystander PSA

Learn about how to be an active bystander. If see something, do something. Together, we can make our campus a better place. University Health Services can help!

UC Berkeley Suicide PSA

UC Berkeley Suicide PSA

Every 13.7 minutes someone in the US dies by suicide. Suicide is preventable. Most college students who die by suicide are suffering from a treatable emotional disorder, like depression. Know the signs. Ask the tough questions. Find help.

  • Visit Counseling and Psychological Services at University Health Services, Tang Center
  • To speak to a counselor or for more information on how to help yourself or a friend, call (510) 642-9494

UC Berkeley - PSA for Veteran's

Veterans PSA 

Veterans deal with their experiences in different ways. All veterans deserve respect, understanding, and a helping hand. If you are a veteran in need of support, find resources at:

UC Berkeley Eating Disorders PSA

Eating Disorder PSA

Learn more about how eating disorders are developed and what you can do to prevent them. If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, there are many resources available at UC Berkeley that can help.

UC Berkeley - Stigma - PSA

Stigma PSA

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. We all struggle and need support. Don't be afraid to find your support system. University Health Services can help!

Love is Louder PSA- UC Berkeley

Love is Louder PSA

UC embraces the Love is Louder movement which encourages individuals, communities, schools and organizations to strengthen their abilities.

Learn more about the Love is Louder movement.

UC Berkeley Break-up Confessions PSA

Break-up Confessions PSA

Break-ups are tough. Begin to move on in a healthy way by letting out your emotions, taking up a new hobby, or working out. And remember, you’re not alone!