Wellfleet Request for Information Alert for SHIP members

January 18, 2022

Wellfleet 2021 1095-B / 1099 HC Forms

If you had health insurance coverage with UC Berkeley’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) through Wellfleet at some point in 2021, you will be receiving an email from Wellfleet with instructions on how to access your 1095-B and 1099 HC tax forms, if needed.
The 1095-B is an official IRS form that is a record of your Health Insurance coverage for 2021. The purpose of the form is to support your annual disclosure to the IRS that you are in compliance with the ACA.  Wellfleet will be making your 1095-B form available on Wellfleet’s website via the link that will be provided in the email. The 1099HC form is required for anyone residing in the state of Massachusetts and will be available on Wellfleet’s website as well.
If you do not receive the email from Wellfleet by March 2, 2022, or if you have any questions about accessing your 1095-B or 1099HC forms, please contact Wellfleet at 1095B@wellfleetinsurance.com or call Wellfleet Customer Service at 1-800-633-7867, Option 7.