PartySafe@Cal celebrates second annual world class awards

April 27, 2016

On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, PartySafe@Cal celebrated their second annual "World Class Awards" recognizing indivuals, groups and departments that have been highly effective in building safer alcohol and party practices at UC Berkeley. 

PartySafe@Cal is a UHS-Tang Center Health Promotion program that collaborates with a wide variety of campus and community partners to reduce alcohol-related harm. The awards celebration was held from 4-6pm at the Bear's Lair and was facilitated by PartySafe@Cal coordinator Karen Hughes. 

Meet this years awardees: 

Award Awardee About

Keep it Social Not Slurred: Control the alcohol.

Juli Adhikari Juli Adhikari, a member of the fraternity Kappa Alpha Pi, has taken advantage of and made a contribution to almost every resource that PartySafe@Cal has to offer. She has participated in every student alcohol roundtable this year, requested a partygoer and partythrower workshop for KAPi and used our partythrower consultations. Her energy and passion is infectious — Juli is constantly at 110%. Her vision for getting professional fraternities to have the same alcohol education requirements as social fraternities, and her actions to make the alcohol serving practices in her own organization less risky is truly inspiring.

Avoid Trouble: Respect community policies and expectations.

Allyn Benintendi, Mitchell Stieg Allyn Benintendi and Mitchell Stieg serve as the PHC and IFC Risk Managers, respectively. They picked up the baton from their predecessors in January this year and have continued working to address problems related to alcohol in the Greek community. We appreciate that they also prioritize being “in the room” for broader community conversations — including every Student Alcohol Roundtable and CERC Subcommittee on Student Risk. Allyn has worked to restructure GAMMA into CAT and collaborate more strategically with other health, wellness and harm reduction educators and resources on campus. Mitchell has stepped up IFC peer monitoring and enforcement of the hard alcohol ban in common areas of fraternity parties and participated actively in the Happy Neighbors program in the Dwight-Hillside neighborhood.

Be Yourself: Don’t assume or overestimate how much others drink.

William Morrow, Zoe Brouns, Rachel Schuster William Morrow, Zoe Brouns and Rachel Schuster — a trio of ASUC senators — have partnered with PartySafe throughout the year in both thought and in deed. They cohosted PartySafe’s student alcohol roundtable, participated in the CERC Subcommittee on Student Risk, and assisted with the Our House campaign launch. In addition, Zoe’s work on the Good Samaritan policy, Rachel’s work on the GLA ordinance accommodation, and Will’s work on an alcoholfree “huddle” have all been immensely important in changing the conversation about what it means to “party safe.” They are, by far, one of the most robust and effective team of ASUC senators that we have ever worked with.

Get the Good Without the Bad: Make a plan and stick to it.

Awardee: Isabella Brandes Isabella Brandes’s ultimate goal is to eliminate alcohol and drug related mortality on the UC Berkeley campus — and she has made incredible strides towards achieving that goal. A former PartySafe intern and an amazing community organizer, Isabella cowrote the ASUC bill that is the basis for the Our House campaign. The bill standardizes alcohol risk management practices in Berkeley, and was endorsed by the ASUC senate, IFC and PHC Presidents, Gamma CoPresidents, the BSC Health Education Chair, and the Graduate Student Social Committee Chair in April 2015. When asked how she felt when she received the news that she was a 2016 World Class Awardee, she replied that she “felt surprised, grateful, and incredibly privileged for the opportunity [she] has had to help shape the UC Berkeley party experience.”

Don’t Let Small Problems Become Big: See something. Do something.

Awardee: Bears That Care Bears That Care is a student organization that provides educational resources about bystander intervention. They partnered with PartySafe@Cal for the Our House launch in October, and, overall, have been wonderful allies. The campus culture related to being an active bystander is changing — and having dedicated organizations such as Bears That Care is a huge part of that. Merel Dagher, a member of Bears That Care, says that “by educating others about the barriers to intervention that plague a group setting, like diffusion of responsibility and pluralistic ignorance, we can create a safer party scene, in which drinking alcohol will pose minimal risk to both individuals and entire communities.” We couldn’t agree more.

Don’t Let Small Problems Become Big: See something. Do something.

Awardee: UC Berkeley Resident Assistants (RAs) This year, we have two awardees for the category “Don’t Let Small Problems Become Big.” Our second awardee is a pretty large group — all the Resident Assistants (RAs) here at UC Berkeley. RAs play a unique and important role in our university, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of the newest members of our community. They are at the front line when it comes to dealing with crises that result from overintoxication and other partyrelated risks, and their call potentially saves the day. It takes a lot to want to keep helping people, and we want to thank them for their diligence and commitment.

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Photos from the 2nd annual World Class Awards