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Meet the Nutrition Outreach Workers 

The Nutrition Outreach Workers are at various nutrition events around campus and on their blog

Post from 2/23/18

Nutrition Outreach Workers Group Photo

Back row: Katie, Nikki S, Elia, Alexsys
Front row: Nikki C, Lucy, Kim, Monica

Nutrition Outreach Workers Individual Photos in collage

Top (left to right): Alexsys, Elia, Katie, Kim
Bottom (left to right): Lucy, Monica, Nikki C, Nikki S

National Condom Week

For National Condom Week, the Sexual Health Education Program was on Sproul Plaza every day, 11am-2pm with sexual health tips, safe sex supplies, resources and more! 

Posts from 2/12/18 - 2/16/18.

Health Worker Tip - Sexual Health

Prioritize your sexual health through testing and education, communicating with your partner, practicing safe sex, defining your personal boundaries, and respecting yourself and others! See Sexual Health Education Program's resources.

Post from 2/14/18

UHS Nutrition Team 

Meet the UHS Nutrition Team! They're busy planning tons of fun nutrition workshops! You can also read their nutrition blog!

Photographed: UHS Nutrition Outreach Workers (students) and Registered Dietitians Sarah Minkow and Toby Morris.

Post from 2/9/18

Meet the UHS Nutrition Team Meet the UHS Nutrition Team Meet the UHS Nutrition Team

Health Worker Tip - Social Health

Social health is a key part of overall wellness! Building nurturing, supportive relationships reduces stress, leads to a healthier immune system & helps you concentrate~ Get some conversation tips. 

Post from 1/31/18

Health Worker Tip

Blood Drive

Support the blood drive Wed. 1/24, 11am-6pm at East Pauley Ballroom and the Red Cross Bloodmobile at Bancroft and College!

Post from 1/24/18


Drop-In Flu Clinic

Help yourself stay well by getting a flu shot at the drop-in clinic Tues. 1/23, 12-5pm!

Post from 1/23/18


Staff Highlight - Rena Tacdol, M.D. 

Read Dr. Tacdol's staff highlight! 

Post from Nov 2017

Instagram shot of Dr Tacdol     Instagram shot of Dr Tacdol

Menstrual Supplies at SHIO office and Health Promotion

Visit the SHIO office on the third floor or Health Promotion on the second floor to grab free menstrual supplies.

Post from Sept 2017

Instagram story of Menstrual Supplies      Instagram story of Menstrual Supplies      Instagram story of Menstrual Supplies