How to Apply

Application Process

Step 1

Schedule a 15-minute phone consultation with the Healthy Department Certification Coordinator for briefing on the goals, process and evaluation required for this initiative (optional).

Step 2

Review the Wellness Culture Assessment Worksheet and conduct a culture assessment for your department. Note: "Department” is used generically to mean any department, office, unit, academic or other administrative unit of 10 or more members. Members can be faculty, staff, and/or students.

  1. Form a committee of three or more faculty/staff interested in sponsoring this initiative.
    • Suggested committee members may include: Wellness Ambassadors, Department Health and Safety Committee members or other stakeholders such as department faculty/staff, supervisors and managers.
  2. Schedule a committee meeting and complete the Wellness Culture Assessment Application together. 
    • Suggested number of meetings: 2 (1.5 hour meetings) or 3 (1 hour meetings)
Step 3

Complete the *Healthy Department Certification Application via Google Docs (currently closed)

*(Instructions on how to complete via Google Docs)

Step 4

Share your completed application with the Healthy Department Certification Coordinator prior to the Fall/Spring deadlines.

Step 5

The Healthy Department Certification Program Planning Committee will review your application and will contact you if additional information is needed in their review.


The Healthy Department Certification program is currently not accepting applications due to campus Covid-19 guidelines and phased reopening. Pending full campus reopening in Summer or Fall 2021, applicants can apply for certification or recertification beginning, March 1, 2021. For questions, please contact the Healthy Department Certification Coordinator.

For Spring 2022 For Fall 2021
Applications open October 4, 2021 
March 1, 2021
Applications due December 3, 2021 April 30, 2021
Notification of award level January 31, 2022 (or earlier) June 30, 2021 (or earlier)

Contact Information

Cori Evans
Healthy Department Certification Coordinator
(510) 499-7404 (new number)